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A fully-voiced quest mod from the creator of "New Vegas Bounties."

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As of version 1.2, the quest begins at level 10

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Having learned of the Courier's exploits, a dying man contacts the player in hopes of employing him/her to deliver a mysterious package. Upon accepting the job, the Courier will soon find himself/herself making unwilling allies and dangerous enemies, all jockeying to claim the same prize.

The Inheritance is a compact, lore-friendly quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas, designed to offer new avenues to experience combat and role-playing for high-level characters. It offers a challenging primary quest that is followed by a collection of small sidequests, all dependent on the player's actions. While all of these quests include the trademark ultra-violence and profanity found in my past mods, some of the content departs from New Vegas Bounties in tone and style, as some quests are more dependent on finesse instead of aggression. A detailed description of prerequisites for each sidequest is included in the readme. This mod began as a series of scripting experiments for another project, The Siege of Firebase Zulu, therefore some of the sidequests are wholly unrelated to the primary quest. Nonetheless, I believe players appreciate fresh content, so I elected to include these missions.

The Inheritance includes 1,300 lines of dialogue, all contributed by fellow community members. Should you meet any of these talented individuals in the forums, please thank them for their efforts!

Extract the contents of the data folder from the archive into your New Vegas data folder. Ensure you have the Someguyseries.esm in your load order and activated.

Getting Started:
If the player is level 10 or higher, The Inheritance begins with a DLC-style message prompting the player to meet with Joe Sellers in Novac. After speaking with Joe, the quest will begin in earnest.

As always, I encourage feedback. I will always heed cogent critiques and thoughtful commentary. However, mindless vitriol will be ignored. Please remember to endorse the mod if you enjoyed it!

The Someguyseries.esm:
For some time, players have asked, "Can I have NVBI and NVBII activated at the same time?" (the answer is yes). What began as a means to address chronological discrepancies within the Bounties series is now something much, much greater. The someguyseries.esm contains a collection of variables that will regulate certain content in all my mods. This means that decisions and/or actions in NVBI could have consequences in The Inheritance, or vice versa. You can imagine the possibilities. I'm sorry for the hassle of requiring an extra download (it's tiny), but I believe it's more than worth it in the long run.

After perusing the comments for both NVBI and NVBII, I elected to attempt a "Middle Way" between the extremes of these plugins. Nameless NPC's and creatures are often scaled to present a moderate threat to the player, while named "Bosses" are often challenging, particularly if one uses the [Taunt] option in dialogue. There are encounters that feature a large number of enemies attacking the player, but they will not be "dumped" near the player in frustrating ambushes, but are spawned in meticulously-scripted, climactic events. However, this mod is recommended for level 20+ characters, and will not become available until the player reaches level 10.

The player can emerge from the main quest with an abundance of wealth, depending on his/her choices. However, this financial windfall comes with consequences detailed in the sidequests. All in all, I believe the final product delivers balanced rewards. I only ask you to play through the sidequests before criticizing the amount of spoils earned in the first quest.

"Evolving" Dungeons:
Another feature that I dreamed up is that of "evolving" dungeons; these reflect the player's interaction with the world. For example, if you purge an underground facility of mutants, you may return a week later to find it inhabited by raiders, rats, or even Deathclaws. Bear in mind, this is an experimental feature, but I'm keen to get player feedback, as I may well implement it in past and future plugins. At the very least, it should augment the re-playability of dungeons.

This mod is fully navmeshed, and should support companions. Feel free to bring Jerry, Mr. Cuddlesworth, Ballarms, and Steve with you. ;)

Wild Wasteland:
In my past mods, I tended to blend zany elements right into gameplay (e.g., Fred in NVBI). However, I've elected to divorce the sillier content from the mod by way of the Wild Wasteland perk. It will function much the same as in vanilla gameplay, with an icon and sound notifying the player when he/she happens upon a Wild Wasteland-esque scene. Furthermore, there are unique dialogue options available to players with the perk.

- 6 quests, ranging from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes of gameplay
- 1,300+ lines of fully-voiced, lip-synced dialogue
- Six new weapons
- One new clothing set
- Roughly 2 hours of gameplay, depending on individual styles
- Many random/scripted encounters
- A new companion

- Freeside Open Patch by Appendant is available in the "Optional Files" category

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If you're itching for information, seek out a old man wandering in the Spring Mountains. He is rumored to be a sayer of soothes...

- The Community: The players and fellow modders at the Nexus sites have been a continuous source of encouragement and support through the months of development. Lockinvarj, Quetzlsacatanango, and many others consistently offer lucid, competent assistance in the forums, so thank you.

- You: Yes, you, the player who downloads and evaluates this mod. I depend on you to excoriate any failings and praise the successes.

- The voice actors and actress, who took their time to voice characters, sometimes prompted to voice, re-voice, and then voice again under the direction of my arbitrary, directorial impulses. This mod would be a shadow of its current self without the voice actors and actress, so thank you all. Here is the cast:
-Bradley: Reebdog
-Chester: Mishaxhi
-Courier 01: ElijahLucian
-Courier 02: RainsfordXY
-Esther: KaitMazing
-Felix Cortez: Josue Garcia
-Hastings: ElijahLucian
-Hawkins: ElijahLucian
-Heinz: Reebdog
-Joe Sellers: Anothernewdawn aka Jason Leonti
-Syndicate Doorman: UglyDucklingStudios
-Tony Chase: Jase180
-Vaughn: Anothernewdawn aka Jason Leonti
-Courier 03: Brigand231
-James Anderson: Jay33721
-Ronnie: Anothernewdawn aka Jason Leonti
-Severus: Someguy2000
-Grant: ElijahLucian
-Cady: ElijahLucian?
-Ranger Beaumont: Ben Britton (The_Yellow_Dart)
-Koestler: Anothernewdawn aka Jason Leonti
-Nowak: Someguy2000
-Bucky: Jay33721
-Ranger Rubin: Nile Zam Jones
-Zimmer: Ben Britton (The_Yellow_Dart)

- Quetzlsacatanango
- Looloolooigotsomeapples
- DJKnightDnB
- Unoctium
- Modder3434
- RussianWalstelander
- JMR333
- Appendant
- Gunslinger6792
- thecabanaboy
- Mohamed2001
- Axionus
- TheCourier13
- Brigand231

- Unoctium (writing and production)

Freeside Open Patch:
- Appendant

Unique Items:
- Silenced 9mm SMG:
- micalov for the basic mesh edits
- millenia for the WRP UV mapped SMG
- Gold Bars:
- lordinquisitor
- Bradley's Armor
- Dragbody
- Bug fix for Honest Hearts:
- drithius

Version 0.96:
- Augmented Nowak's HP
- Tweaked Ronnie's AI
- Tweaked Cady's AI
- Reduced the number of ghouls in Outpost Lambda

Version 0.965:
- Faction requirements for "Repaid in Full" removed

Version 0.97:
- The Soothsayer is now in-game (south of Jacobstown)
- Hawkins' speech check removed (design decision)
- All NPC's but Nowak and Dr. Rockstein are fully-voiced
- Objective markers for "Fiends Anonymous" corrected
- More consequences for "Fiends Anonymous"
- Viper's Den edited to enhance stability
- All defenders at RS Charlie should stay in the perimeter during the battle
- Beaumont will stay on the roof
- Numerous corrections to dialogue

Version 1.0:
- Mod is fully-voiced
- Tweaked scripts for stability

Version 1.1:
- Fixed issues with Nowak's dialogue

Version 1.2:
- Minor script adjustments to enhance stability
- Connected content to NVBII through the someguyseries.esm
- The mod now begins at level 10

Version 1.25:
- Finally fixed the charisma check for "Fiend's Ransom" (No, really)
- Corrected the conflict with Joshua Graham's dialogue

Version 1.26:
- If Bradley doesn't greet the player after reading the letter, the player can initiate conversation to advance the quest

Version 1.27:
- Tweaked some of the captive and slave scripts
- Adjusted Koestler's audio levels
- Removed generator sound on the Rubens painting

Version 1.28:
- Corrected code affected by the updated .esm

Version 1.29:
- Tweaked "cleanup" scripts for various NPC's

Do not copy or redistribute this mod without my explicit permission.

I am known to give out kudos to those who are the first to correctly identify historic, literary, and/or popular fictional references.

And I credit my wife, the model of pulchritude and patience, for encouraging my incessant modding. She was forced to endure the late-night, profane screams of frustration at the GECK, my marathon modding sessions, and constant scheming and discussion of my outlandish ideas. I love you!