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Journey to Boulder, Colorado. (Quests/ New Lands/ Weapons/ Armor/ Creatures.)

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[size="5"]Beyond Boulder Dome[/size]

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The Boulder Dome was constructed before the war to be a "city of the future"; a prototype for future cities on the moon and other planets. It was also an advanced scientific research facility, and an Ark of sorts, built to withstand severe nuclear attacks. And withstand it did.

Mere hours before the bombs dropped, only the elite of society, or those with specialist skills; the top of their fields, were transported to the Dome and transported two hundred years into the future. Put into a "cold sleep", they would ride out the war and the following chaos, to start a new world in the future.

When the scientists woke up, they found themselves in a nightmare. Their bodies now riddled with a strange disease of unknown origin, dubbed the Seltsam Syndrome; literally meaning "strange disease". Forced to wear advanced Bio-suits, to help slow the spread, they struggle to survive, as time is running out.

Beyond the Dome, outside the highly toxic ruins of Boulder, two factions are moving in.

The NCR has a deadly and unmerciful mission, to stop the spread of the Seltsam Syndrome by eliminating all potential carriers. They have tracked the disease to its last known vestige, The Boulder Dome itself.

The Colorado branch of the Brotherhood of Steel have also set their sights on the Dome. Its leader seeks to control the Dome for the good of the region, he claims, to bring peace to the chaos. Very close to a real, working cure for the Seltsam Syndrome, he offers a seemingly peaceful solution.

Forced into the middle of things, is a simple courier, far from home. The decisions of the courier may slide the balance in many different ways, ultimately determining the fate of the scientists of The Boulder Dome.

Colorado is a place with many secrets and surprises. Three new worldspaces. New unique weapons and armor, new creatures never before seen with custom sounds, new robots. 50+ fully voiced and lip-synced characters. A long main quest with multiple pathways, and many side-quests should provide many hours of gameplay.


As of version 1.0 installing the mod and playing is easy. Just download all 5 parts, and extract each one individually into your "Data" folder, in your main Fallout New Vegas directory. Then select the mod's esm in your load order in FOMM, then play!

(If you have problems with textures, try disabling then re-enabling Archive-Invalidation within FOMM.)

Instructions for Updating:

If you already have version 0.8 or higher, then you only need to extract the files into your Data folder and overwrite. Otherwise, follow the instructions below for 0.8.

(If you are updating from a version before 0.8, you must start the mod from the beginning with this new version, as the previous two esm files have been combined into one, domecity.esm. You can do this by unchecking the mod in your load order, then loading up your save game and re-saving without the mod. Then you can install the newest update, and check the esm in your load order, and launch your save game again, and the mod will have been restarted.

Also, the albino ant fix files are now included in the update, so you don't need to download that separately.)

This mod only requires the base Fallout: New Vegas game, updated to the latest patch.


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