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This is an unofficial fix for the "Gauss Rifle Compact" featured in "Beyond Boulder Dome". This will fix the aiming, shooting SFX, and tweaks the 3D model's alignments.

Permissions and credits
This is my very first time posting a mod, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes.
Additionally, I would appreciate for any suggestions/help.

This is an unofficial fix and tweak for the "Gauss Rifle Compact" featured in "Beyond Boulder Dome", which fixes the aiming, the shooting SFX, and tweaks the 3D model's alignments.

Mod Requirement
Beyond Boulder Dome

After tinkering around for couple of hours and reading this helpful post, I was able to figure out that a string for the CompactGauss.nif file was not named correctly. It was supposed to be "ProjectileNode", but it was misnamed as "ProjectileNode.00". This caused the gun's aim to go off, and making the shooting sound very quiet, if not completely silent.

This mod fixes the string name, and tweaks the positioning of the "ProjectileNode" and the "##SightingNode" (the camera position when ADS) so that the sight will be working as intended.

Additionally, the 3D model of the sight was slightly misaligned, and the whole gun model was slightly tilted up. Thus, I tweaked the sight to be aligned and the gun to be held straight.

Manual Installation
Replace the "CompactGauss.nif" located in "Fallout New Vegas\Data\meshes\boulderdome\Weapons\2HERifles\CompactGaussRifle" with this mod's version.

Tools Used
NifSkope 2.0

Credits and Special Thanks
-Creators of the Beyond Boulder Dome (for the original mod)
-Creators of the NifSkope 2.0 (for the tool)
-People involved in the forum post (especially Ruadhan2300 for giving a clue to my fix, and GuerillaWarlord for asking)
-Creators of the Nexus Mods, and its community
-people those I unfortunately forgot to mention (I'm sorry, but thank you)
-and lastly but not least, you, who carefully read the descriptions
If I forgot anyone, please let me know. I will update ASAP.

All of the assets belongs to the original mod creators of the Beyond Boulder Dome.