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A few simple plugins to delay in a rational way mods that auto-start on game load. Based on Gribbleshnibit8's amazing DLC Delayer Mod this will add distance and level requirements to some popular quest mods.

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I always felt that on a new game start (especially in Doc Mitchell's house) the player should have as few pop-ups and new quests as possible in order to play the game as it was originally intended.

Because of that I had been using Gribbleshnibit8's amazing quest delayer mod for years:


Which causes the DLC quests to start only when the player reaches certain requirements (Level or Distance to quest start location)

The problem was there were a few amazing quests mods that use a similar start as the DLCs meaning I was again bombarded by pop-ups before Doc Mitch could even get me out of bed.

So I created these mods!

All will remove the start pop-up on game start - meaning the good doctor will be able to wake you up in peace! As well as adding some requirements to getting the quest to start. Nothing has been changed other than that for the mods themselves.

A Note:

I've tested these plugins on my game and all seem to be working - but if there are any issues please post in the comments and I will try to fix as soon as possible.

Covered are the following:

Autumn Leaves:
As the quest has no specific requirements I decided to just set it as a distance.
Once the player reaches the proximity of Hypatia - Should be a bit outside of Novac the player will get the quest pop up and the mod can be continued as normal.
I've also disabled the Map Marker from game start so that it will only appear after the quest begins (same with the radio station)

Honest Hearts Reborn:
So same idea as Gribbleshnibit8's original mod - the quest will only appear once the player is close to the Northern Passage, I've also added a level requirement of 10 so that the player will be at a decent point in the game by the time Honest Hearts is started.

Beyond Boulder Dome:
As the The Beyond Boulder Dome Team states that the mod is suitable for levels 20 and up I have set this as the requirement as well as a proximity to the Freeside north gate (closest to The Old Mormon Fort). I've also changed the wording of the pop-up as well to be more immersive.

Brotherhood of Steel Unforgotten:
Like for Autumn Leaves I've removed the initial quest pop-up and moved it to nearby the refuge (near Ranger Station Bravo). I've also edited the wording of the message and made it so that the map marker will only appear on quest start.

Courier's Cache:
I always liked the idea of the courier stashing some items before heading out but again the bombardment of pop-ups was rather annoying. The only change here is that the pop-up and map marker will only appear when the PC is outside of Primm. 

Blood By The Dollar:
I've never actually played this mod so I'm going by suggestion here - I've set it so that as the player approaches Boulder City the pop-up should appear, I've also set the requirement of level 15 as suggested by the mod author.

Any other suggestions are welcome!

The plugins can be merged rather easily - I usually set them to be merged into a batched patch so that they don't take up space for the plugin limit.