Fallout New Vegas
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Do you hate that the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC feels that it needs to constantly remind you of its existence by shoving (GRA) in your face? This is the mod for you.

Permissions and credits

  • Base game weapons will inherit the mods of their GRA counterparts, and the GRA versions will no longer appear.
  • Weapons are now correctly affected by DLC perks (ie; Bozar's damage is increased by Grunt from Honest Hearts)
  • (GRA) tag removed from all items, challenges, and recipes.
  • Added a toggle for (Vigilant Recycler) and (Mad Bomber) item suffixes.
  • Removed "Gun Runners Arsenal Loaded" message.

Note: If you happen across a vanilla version of the Assault Carbine Extended Mags or 12.7mm SMG Silencer, they will invisibly be converted to the GRA versions once in your inventory.


Run the installer using your mod manager of choice. Manual installation not supported.

  • Remove mods from all affected weapons (listed below). Not doing so may result in crashes.
  • Remove GRA Merged plugins.

Patches are provided for the following mods:

Known Incompatible Mods:
The following mods already include their own version of this mod, and are therefore incompatible.

Mods that make changes to the following items are incompatible unless patched:
  • Baseball Bat [0000421C]
  • Fat Man [0000432C]
  • Laser Pistol [00004335]
  • 12.7mm Submachine Gun [001429D1]
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle [0008F21C]
  • Assault Carbine [0008F21E]
  • Chainsaw [0015FE44]
  • Hunting Revolver [0008F214]
  • Plasma Defender [00090727]
  • Tri-beam Laser Rifle [000E2BF4]
  • Power Fist [00004347]
  • Ripper [00004349]

Scripted inventory sorting mods may conflict depending on script speed.