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This is a very heavily scrubbed version of Monster Mod that removes most non lore friendly creatures, features and weapons, and integrates the remaining creatures via script for compatibility. Creatures can be turned off by category in the ini file.

Permissions and credits
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Monster Mod, as we all know, has lots of fun new creatures, and it was one of the real OG big mods for New Vegas. Very much worth celebrating! I have fond memories of running into the T-800 and Wanamingo on the way to Primm, all the way back in 2012. As time has passed though, direct leveled creature and formlist updates have become a little antiquated, as more mods like Just Enough Realism and other broad rebalances have cropped up with edits to the same forms, inhibiting compatibility.

I've taken the original Monster Mod, (and only the original, Additions and other monster mod dependent plugins were not included) and scrubbed pretty much every non-lore friendly creature + weapon, as well as anything else with poorly functioning animations or other issues. I've also gone through every one of the remaining creatures and balanced them to be relatively unique and fun to fight.

In the same vein as my Prodlimen Creature Pack, this mod integrates also integrates all the creatures by script, each time the game starts, ensuring compatibility with other mods.

There are ~94 creatures remaining. I think that's more than the unique creature types in base TTW? I haven't done the math. There's going to be a lot more variety in your journey through the wasteland. I've renamed most creatures to more lore friendly names. See the images for screenshots showing the name of each. (The creatures might look a little bit tilted or twitchy in some of the screenshots; it's just cause I turned off combat and regular ai to get the screenshots, and they just twitch back and forth a bit when you do.)

There's about 4 new "Ant" types, 8 new "Bug" types, 3 new Cazador types, 8 new Centaur types, 4 new "Creeper" types (reskinned/remodeled variants of trogs), 9 new "Deathclaw" types, 9 new "Dog" types, 7 new Gecko types, 16 new Ghoul types, 4 new non-hostile creatures, 5 new misc types, 7 new Mutant types, 4 Rat types, 5 Robot types, and 6 Spider types.

I have hand placed some creatures in a limited set of locations:
Vault 22 received a bunch of bugs and spiders.
Vault 11 has a bunch more rats and mole rats.

These placements do not replace base game creature placements, so these areas will be tougher than in vanilla.

  1. You must install the original Monster Mod first. None of the assets are included here, you absolutely have to have the .bsa included in the original mod.
  2. Hide or delete the original mod's MoMod.esm.
  3. Install the main file, overwriting if asked. Select your ini options.
  4. You should be able to start seeing (at least the level 1) creatures right away.


You will need to reset your ini options each time you update.

INI Options

Should be compatible with most things, except any mods referencing the original Momod.
Many of the creatures and items have been deleted, so those files will not work with this version. I'm not planning to add anything from them to this file.

TTW compatibility is BUILT INTO THE FILE. No patch is needed.

There are two versions of the main file, a Vault 22 Remastered version, and a regular version. 
Qolore's version of V22 Remastered is the only supported version.

Edited base game forms:

I use Just Enough Realism's BLEED patch, which changes some of the creature body part damage multiplies. Generally, the creatures aren't super far away from vanilla values, so it should feel pretty natural with or without damage increasing mods.
I've generally integrated the more dangerous creatures at higher levels than the weaker ones. You should start seeing a broader variety of creatures right off the bat, generally increasing around levels 5, 8, 13, and 20. Creature loot should generally be synchronous with it's creature type.

Pharaoh Ants should only show up in the Mojave.
Larvae Abominations show up in similar places to ants.
Scorpion Beetle and Mutated Scorpion Beetles are generally non hostile, unless provoked.
Creepers show up in both wastelands. They've been named differently from Trogs so that it doesn't feel immersion breaking to see them outside the Pitt. They also appear alongside Trogs in The Pitt.
They often deal special acid or radiation damage on hit.
Scavenger and Young Razorclaws show up in more places than base game deathclaws. Waste Devils and Wanamingos show up in similar places to deathclaws, and they shouldn't fight amongst themselves. Claw-y creatures often do bleeding damage, 1/sec for a period of time.
Rad cats are non agressive. They should be fleeing from their enemies. Wild boars are dangerous and integrated from the start, but their aggro range is pretty low, so you should be able to avoid them if they're too tough for you at a low level.
Humanoid geckos in the form of "Evolved Geckos" are integrated at higher levels into gecko leveled lists. Sometimes they use weapons.
Lots of new ghouls! Tough ones should be showing up at higher levels, weaker ones at lower levels. The new ghouls have a chance to resurrect after dying, if they're not missing a limb. (Unchanged from original MoMod). This feature can be disabled with the "Ghouls Don't Rez" optional file.
They often deal radiation damage on hit.
 Cave Mutants
Cave Mutants are generally tougher than regular super mutants, but slower to move and turn. They have higher endurance, but lower perception.
Mutated FEV subjects now show up in wasteland encounters.
 Minotaurs are only integrated at level 15+. I honestly was only planning on putting them in mothership zeta lists, but there aren't many, and I didn't end up bothering. They're toggleable on their own now, so you can just excise them if you'd like.
 Deranged doctors show up very rarely.
New Security robots show up starting around level 8+. They have higher DT than standard robots.
Generally show up where ants, bark scorpions, and radscorpions do.
 Pale Creatures
Pale versions are generally tougher than their regular counterparts, with higher DT, health, and/or endurance, but they move slower.
 Non hostiles
Technically, they're not all non hostile. Brahmin bulls are more aggressive than their standard counterparts. Rad cats shouldn't generally want to fight anything tougher than them. Small rad horrors and chimera generally aren't very aggressive unless provoked. Sand lizards usually just flee.

The wild boar has it's own complete set of custom sounds, that are all boar sounds and sound good. However, in game, the boar frequently sounds like a dog. I might be able to fix this.

Sometimes the creatures are given the name of the creature whose list they show up in. If you see this, please open the console, click on the creature, take a screenshot, then post a report with the screenshot. I can't do much about the issue if I can't see the info that screenshot will present me.

Future Updates:
I'll do my best to handle any balancing/integration location issues that arise. 

Can you re-add ___ creature that was removed?
No. It's a pain in the ass and everything that was cut was cut for a reason. I also don't want to.
Can you rename ____?
 I like the current names, and I certainly won't choose a name that isn't at least mostly lore friendly.
Can you add in ___ from the Monster Mod Additions, etc.?
I'm planning to do a MoMod Additions addon patch, but I'll tell you now: Forget about it. It's like, literally the lowest thing on my priority list right now. I'll do it whenever I get the whim. Don't ask about it's progress, I'll ignore you. 
What service rifle mod is that?
Service Rifle Remade

Please let me know if you're running into any balancing/creature location issues. For a lot of this, I went off the genericism of each leveled lists' name, so they might not all be showing up in perfect locations. 

Dogtown1 for all of the assets and baseline implementation of Monster Mod.

If you'd like to support my modding work or say thanks, feel free to donate via the Nexus or here at Ko-Fi.