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Djmystro and Dogtown1 and Druuler

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Adds a huge new worldspace outside the Mojave with new weapons, creatures, and much more...

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The Park has been closed for a couple of years now, and many of you have hoping and waiting for
the day that you could once again visit us.  Well, the wait is over!  Angel Park is once again open
to the public!!!  So come one, come all!  Feel free to wander around and take in all there is to see!
There is lots of exotic wildlife in Angel Park which you will not see anywhere else, so, make sure you
pack appropriately for your visit!  Oh, and please remember..."Don't feed the yuogai
!  That is all" ;)

Hi everyone!  Druuler here!  If you are a fan of the mod from way back, you might remember me from the comments section.  I used to chat with some of you, and help folks out when they had problems or questions about the mod.  This, apparently, made me stand out in dogtown1's mind when he decided that it was time for him to find someone to replace him at the helm of our beloved mod.  I was quite shocked when he asked me, but I knew I could do what needed to be done to get Angel Park available to you, the fans, once more.  I also have a few ideas of my own for the Park, so, hopefully, the future will be...interesting.  :)

Speaking of what was needed to get the Park open again, there were some assets used in the mod that were keeping it unavailable.  I have removed all of those assets, replacing Millenia's textures on the custom 10mm SMG ACOG and the 12.7mm SMG with the vanilla versions, and I found an M60 machine gun mod here on the FNV Nexus that the author kindly gave me permission to use, so I could replace the one that was in the previous version.

I have not had enough time yet to thoroughly play through the mod since I made the changes, so I cannot tell you how, if at all, Ironman5000's changes in MoMod v10b will affect Angel Park.  If you are getting attacked by missing meshes, please let me know, so I can see about fixing them.  For that matter, please inform me of any issues you have, and I will do my best to get them sorted out. :)

I hope you enjoy your time in Angel Park!



So I finally uploaded a patch for the missing M-60 mesh when using djmystro's Angel Park Remix esp.  Make sure to place it after Remix in your load order.


With dogtown1's permission, I have finally merged the Angel Park ESM with MoMod ver10a!  MoMod ver10a was the last version he released, so it is the most recent one I can use with his permission.  I have uploaded the ESM to the download page as an optional file.  It will replace your current AngelPark.esm file, so when you are asked if you want to overwrite your existing file, say yes.

NOTE: This optional file is an ESM only!  It does not contain the MoMod resources!  You will need to get them from MoMod.  You can use Ironman5000's version 10b, or do an internet search for ver10a to get the resources.  All you need is the BSA file from MoMod.  You will have to rename it to AngelPark - Creatures for it to work.  Using ver10b will result in at least one instance of "invisible monsters".  Using ver10a will avoid this.  The choice is up to you.  If you are using version 10b from here on the Nexus, I strongly suggest downloading and installing it manually.  Using NMM might result in your renaming being overwritten by NMM.


Small update to ver. 2.12 finally adding map markers/waypoints to the Angel Valley map.  Markers are similar in placement to those in AP Remix.  Several have been renamed, with some names being generic to avoid "spoilers".  Also added a couple of my own.  Not all areas are marked, as I still wanted a few surprises.

I believe I have managed to fix the conflict between Angel Park and Angel Park Remix!!!  You should now be able to once again enjoy the different envisionings of the mod! :)

Future Plans for Angel Park

As some of you may or may not have noticed, Angel Park still needs some improvements here and there to allow visitors to have a much more enjoyable experience.  In no particular order, here is a list of things I want to address.  If you have any ideas yourself, please feel free to mention them in the comments section.  Keep in mind though, although I do appreciate feedback, I will not agree with all suggestions.  Some might be against my vision of Angel Park, and some might be more trouble than they are worth, and some might be beyond my current skills as a modder.

-Add map markers.  There are currently only two.
-New LOD (Level of Detail) generation, to correct not being able to see the Mothership from a distance
-Add collision to the Motherships, to prevent players from walking through it
-Fix invisible monster issue (still waiting to hear back from Ironman5000)
-Fix "active" terminals.  There are a number of terminals that are "active" (screens lit up), but have no activators
-Incorporate MoMod creatures/remove MoMod dependancy.  A talk with dogtown1 resulted with him suggesting that I add all the MoMod creatures to the Angel Park .bsa files, to remove the dependency on MoMod itself.  Will have to speak to Ironman5000 about it, as he is currently in control of MoMod.
-Move entrance to Angel Park.  Although the current entrance location works just fine, I never found it to be logical or "immersive".
-Add stats/ability modifiers to the creature armours.  If memory serves, none of the 11 creature armours have any modifiers, or DR/DT.
-Change T-800 models.  I have some scratch-built T-800 and T-888 models that were originally going to be used in the FNV version of Terminator: Cybernetic Dawn, before the project was shelved.
-Add quests.  We really need something to do in Angel Park, other that wandering around, trying not to get lost or eaten by the locals...
-Build the armoury.  I think this goes hand-in-hand with adding quests.
-Generate map for Angel Peak Caverns interior.

Below is the original description by dogtown1 and DjMystro.  I will be leaving it here for now, but I expect I will be removing or altering it in the future.


DjMystro and Dogtown present:

Welcome to "Angel Valley"
Come and explore a new world away from the sands of the Mojave
Visit the quiet little town of Angel Park and maybe take a hike through the
lovely surrounding wilderness, just remember to not feed the local wildlife

with yourself........


This mod is an ever expanding "New World Space" that myself and Djmystro plan to keep
adding to with quests and NPC's that will keep the place fun to come back to.
This the second version and contains many new interior and exterior areas, plus new creatures and weapons.
Dj will have in time an esp that will compliment this by adding more history
and many changes to the mod such as weapon variations, faction changes, and even some
area changes and creatures to keep it fun to come back
I plan to continue to add more creatures, weapons and world space to explore in the
master file


Here is what you will find:

46 playable weapons, some have custom ammo, 8 types so far that can be crafted using new
alien tech called "Nanites". All custom ammo have varied effects that reduce the damage
threshold or increase accuracy to name a few, different ammo for different enemies.
Many weapons have new sounds, projectiles, explosions, ammo, muzzleflash, and some have
their own special critical death that is unique to that weapon so no need to worry about
it conflicting with other effects mods such as EVE

11 types of armor that include aliens, droids and a new type of armor that can be
crafted with "Nanites" called Reactive Armor, this armor adds different types of stat
boosts depending on the type of armor you craft.
Give a suit of Alien armor to a companion and you will be the envy of all back at the
Mojave (or they'll start shootin at ya)

And lots of them, many have new items, ever wonder what Khazra meat tastes like?
well cut off a big steak and fire up the grill. Xenos have concentrated acid blood that
can be used to craft grenades that will melt your enemies and leave a half dissolved
smoking skeleton (no joke) and many more

Vast underground network of tunnels and bunkers, some have fallen into ruin and
only the bravest, or foolish venture there. Traps and terrible things lurk in the darkness.
To complete the mood setting, actual music from both Terminator and Alien movies are
played in certain danger zone areas.

New Stalker weapons have been added, they can be found hidden about the valley or some of the local population may have some..pointed at you
also 2 vanilla weapon mesh and texture edits that do not overwrite the guns in game, they are found only here (removed to allow mod available to the public - Druuler)

*******New Sarah Connor Companion********

there is a new companion for Angel Park, Sarah will tell you her story about the terminators
and she has a map to the entrance to the valley, you can find her here:



check out the screenshot area for more screens of everything.
video coming soon


thats it for now but I think its a pretty good start, keep coming back to check for


The Remix mod heavily modifies Angel Park to be more of a cluttered and story-driven exploration experience.
-Many locations heavily modified, many completely re-arranged for an entirely new combat/search experience. Basically several of the original interiors were very close copies of pre-existing areas. Personally I am not happy playing through anything I recognise so one aim of this mod is to take anything that looks too familiar and totally re-arrange it. Also a few areas were lacking in reward loot and only offer a fight so I'm trying to balance both.
-Some extensions built onto a few smaller cave areas.
-Enemies are changed to reflect the Collector's (main story character) Ship contents more accurately.
-Alien Ammo Damage modifiers are much more deadly in the Remix. However you must find the relevant schematics and misc items in order to be able to craft them. Many schematics are difficult to find but if you are impatiant there is a new Starter Box option to get them all on arrival. Each ammo has a corresponding misc item, (e.g 308AM = Fission Batteries, 9mmCI = Ashtrays, 12.7mmITS = Scrap Electronics etc...). This makes a big difference to the search and loot aspect and I have spent a lot of time balancing the remix for this
-Each creature type has been added to their own faction group so they fight each other (mostly). They also guard their own conquered territory but can easily be led into battles with each other.
-Many notes moved, changed and added back in after everything was moved to the new worldspace. This includes many of the Collector's notes and totally re-writes some notes that will not make much sense after the conversion (from a long time ago when AP had a different Worldspace).
-Friendly NCR Turrets back. 3 friendly turrets now guard the entrance for a little hackable backup and that extra Aliens 'B-Guns down' vibe.
-Total overhaul of exterior enemies around Angel Park. Don't expect to run into any Brahmin or cats out there. They will have been killed long ago. There are less enemies overall but the enemies that are left are very tough.
-About 30% more Nanites. They will not be craftable (yet) but there are currently approximately 160 individual jars spread around to find plus random spawns on certain creatures.
-Weapon stat overhaul. All weapons rebalanced where needed. Many are now much more powerful.
-Loot rebalance - you will only find one of each new weapon lying around in Angel Park, though most will still be spawning on enemies as well. Reductions in ammo and other loot (such as grenades) too. No weapons or armor will be found at 100% condition if I can help it.
-Weapons lists will now include vanilla weapons that the enemies have salvaged from the previous occupants of the valley.
-Ammo lists fixed via scripts so Xcaliber ammo can be used alongside the new alien ammo variants and Alien Ammo works in vanilla guns.
-4x 4D Storage devices available to find.
-Adds several map markers.
-Adds a new Campsite with it's own Map Marker outside the Wasteland Entrance by Rauls Shack which starts the first of several story chains.
-Starter Box added to inner NCR camp. Begin your game with a choice of M4A1, Hammer, Black Death or any one of up to 9 options to help tip the odds a little more in your favour (limited loadout and Schematics loadouts available).
-New ammo - Only 1 so far - 12 Gauge Sticky Explosive, but should be a lot of fun :)
-Lots of other minor fixes and alterations (too many to list).

*You NEED ALL these mods (loaded in this order) to use this file*:
MoMod.esm (aka Monster Mod)
Angel Park.esm

Updating an existing save game in Angel Park will cause a *lot* of problems. This esp effects near enough everything so to be properly experienced should be played from a game saved before entering the Valley.

-Reappearing Creatures such as Brahmin and Dogs which were removed but sometimes spawn when exiting to a certain place.
-Currently no delay on Explosive Sticky ammo.

Same as original.

You have to activate the alien ammo by walking through an invisible trigger. There are 2, one inside Doc Mitchell's house and one outside the entrance door to Angel Valley. If you are entering the valley for the first time you can't not go through it.
You can then use ammo you find laying around but you will still need to find the recipices to make them in this version.

Version 2.11:
- Rebalances new Weapons.
- Reclutters several locations.
- Adds lots more map markers.
-Added lots more map markers.
-Fixed several aesthetic issues.
-Re-arms Tech Alien Elders so hopefully they put up a fight (have not had chance to test yet).
-Moves a few wasteland NPCs about.
-Fixed the School Basement Hatch door being blocked by clutter
-Removes some common loot items and replaces them with crafting materials (including a dozen or so more Nanites in easy to spot areas).
-Altered some 100% condition weapon spawns to lower condition values.

Big thanks to Dogtown for laying out such an awesome playing field (not to mention loads of cool stuff to populate it with).


please head over to AWOP and tell Dj what a great job he did puttin up with a stubborn
old man like me and give him a kudo

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I'm gonna have that cold beer in the wasteland now....finally


There are detailed instructions in the read me on how to install
a full credits list along with the read me are included with the download