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tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8

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Sortomatic is a script and object library designed primarily for player homes.

Permissions and credits
This mod requires NVSE

This is not a stand-alone mod! It is a resource for player-home designers.
Designers can create their homes in the GECK with Sortomatic.esm as a dependency. When a designer publishes their mod, downloaders will require the main Sortomatic.esm file from here, and also have to have NVSE installed.

NOTE! Due to an unfortunate issue, any mods made with Sortomatic 1.22, or prior, that use display objects will not work properly with version 1.3 and up. Both versions will be available, but 1.22 is no longer being maintained in favor of 1.3. Because of this, any existing mods will need to be converted in order to work with version 1.3 and up.

Foursome Tech. presents the Sortomatic 250 Adaptive Equipment Storage and Retrieval System. Your one-stop resource for inventory management needs. The system is flexible and can be installed in the smallest home to the largest warehouse. With the Sortomatic system you will never lose your items, and they will be stored exactly where *you* want them. The system will also manage the items on your person too; automatically removing the surplus items and restocking your kit to your specifications.

  • Configurable Home Inventory Management — Assign Default uses for your containers, and override by simply putting things where you want. The system will follow your lead.
  • Centralised Equipment Drop Off and Retrieval — Why go to the box for the stuff, when the stuff from the box can come to you?
  • Configurable Player Inventory Management — Never leave your home overburdened or short of essentials.
  • Integrated Crafting Benches — Any relevant crafting ingredients you own will be available for use at the crafting stations, and will be neatly stored back away when you finish crafting. ?
  • Information at your fingertips — 'User Manual' notes will be placed into your inventory when you first use the system, and they are also available to view in a text file in the main download. Get detailed in-game reports printed to the console when you need them, with large lists broken down into pages.
  • Intelligent stock queries — The system can be used to present you with: the items you have that can repair your currently equipped weapons/apparel (Jury Rigging Perk aware), ammo for equipped or all carried weapons.
  • Designer Freedom — Use the supplied containers and/or use your custom designs and textures. Preconfigure the system with 'Designer Defaults'. Refit existing builds with the system with no loss of player equipment.
  • Make living homes — Add display items to the home that reflect the contents of the containers. Ammo shelves, weapon walls, bookshelves, medicine cabinets, and pantries. Ammo boxes and food can stack, and you can use multiple weapons to show quantities. Users can grab the items directly from the displays.
  • Dynamic equipment classification — The majority of the equipment categories are dynamically created based on equipment properties. So new items added by other mods should generally be sorted to the right place.
  • Low Lag Scripting — Event driven code - only runs when needed. No GameMode scripts running every frame.

? This feature only works with configured mods. If a mod is not listed as being configured, then it is not supported. Contact the mod author regarding support for their recipes in Sortomatic.

This mod does not alter any in-game files and provides new resources only. So it should not conflict with other mods, and load order should not be an issue.

Most items added by other mods will be classified correctly without the need for compatibility patches. The only categories that require manually written patches are the Unique Weapons/Apparel, and new crafting recipe ingredients. Although nothing breaks without a patch, it would just be more convenient with one.

If you experience a crash when using the system, then check your weapons and apparel for an item showing evidence of the Stacking Bug. Find the offending piece of kit and throw it in lake Mead!
This is the bug that makes it look like you only have 1 of a specific item in your inventory, and after removing it the rest of the stack shows through. I've personally seen it happen with dynamite and traders hats, but have seen reports of many different types of weapon and apparel.
These items also cause bugs with the game repair and hotkey functions.
Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to detect these.

Let me know if you find any other issues and I'll try to accommodate.

Gribbleshnibit8 - The Sortomatic Dynamo! He spits out player homes in his sleep. Invaluable testing, enthusiasm and suggestions for improvements.
The NVSE team - The features included would not be possible without it.
Cipscis - Documenting the 'apple bug' that had me scratching my head for a day.
Wiki Maintainers - Allowed me to hit the ground running.
reanimationxp - Testing and feedback.

Users can write their mods using the main Sortomatic.esm file as a dependency.
Do not upload this file, or part thereof, or derivatives, without my express permission.
This file is provided as-is and the author holds no responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.

Stantons Mine by lilwayne1982. A unique home with a hidden secret.
Sortomatic Faction Safehouses by Gribbleshnibit8. Turns the safehouses from places to visit once to pick up some loot, to a place you can call home. Latest version adds the system to another 6 of the wasteland shacks.
Sortomatic for A World of Pain by tunaisafish. Adds the system to the AWOP Goodsprings bunker.
Hcnop Safehouse by hcnop. Cosy safehouse that boasts restocking containers in addition to the Sortomatic system.