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tdx73's Mobile Truck Base, updated for TTW 3.2. One truck per wasteland, like the version by Tooplex.

Permissions and credits
This is tdx73's Mobile Truck Base mod, updated to TTW by Willow with some initial locations from a yet earlier version by Perren D'Wolff, updated by Tooplex, now converted to TTW 3.2 and updated by me  :)  

Because this is based on Tooplex's version, not Willow's, there are two separate trucks, one in each wasteland; they don't travel between wastelands. You'll need the TTW train or some other means to travel between DC and NV. 

Required Files:
  • Tale of Two Wastelands 3.2
  • You need to download the Data file from the original Mobile Truck Base mod.
  • You also need the Sortomatic mod.

Optional files:

Changelog since TTW 2.9.4 version:
  • I fixed the deprecated function call from TTW 2.9.4 which no longer exists in the "tdxHardcoreSafeAdvanceHours" script which was broken (it was calling "TTWFNHardcoreSafeAdvanceDays" which no longer exists, due to the new JIP LN function SetGameHour, which the script now uses).
  • Updated the worldspace records for the changes made in 3.2 (some water type changes and other things).
  • Other changes so far consist of altering the DLC Snowglobe scripts so they enable the display models directly on pickup (else it's very difficult to get the state). As a fallback, the Snowglobe display will also check the quest complete status for the DLC (but for Lonesome road this isn't foolproof since you could leave). 
  • I've added script-based support for "Useful Snow Globes" and "Special Snow Globes", so the altered pickup scripts will still grant the perks; and the display can also check for the perk to see if you picked up the bobblehead in case their script change overrode mine in the load order. Pretty exhaustive for 4 freaking snow globes ...
  • I also changed the bobblehead display and snowglobe display to just if blocks instead of if elseif, so it'll go through and do all you have in one click instead of having to click once for every one you have.

  • The DC truck is in the Scrapyard
  • The NV truck is in the Gibson Scrapyard. You can buy the NV truck from Lady Gibson (only after you go examine the truck first). 

NV Travel locations:
  • Goodsprings
  • Primm
  • Mojave Outpost
  • Novac
  • 188 Trading Post
  • Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop
  • Gun Runners
  • Sloan
  • Crimson Caravan
  • Westside Pawn Shop
  • Jacobstown
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Hidden Valley
  • Northern Passage
  • Mojave Drive-In
  • Canyon Wreckage
  • Freeside
  • Boulder City
  • Boulder Beach Campground
  • Inside Camp McCarran
  • Cottonwood Cove
  • Bittersprings Recreation Area
  • Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker

DC Travel locations:
  • Megaton
  • Rivet City
  • Arefu
  • Big Town
  • Canterbury Commons
  • The Citadel
  • Grayditch
  • Republic of Dave
  • The Scrapyard
  • Fort Independence
  • Tenpenny Tower
  • Girdershade
  • Temple of the Union
  • Underworld
  • Little Lamplight
  • Andale
  • Agatha's House
  • Evergreen Mills
  • Paradise Falls
  • Old Olney
  • Fort Constantine
  • Mount Mable Campground
  • Dukov's Place
  • Outcast Outpost
  • The Pitt Tunnel
  • Riverboat Landing
  • Alien Beacon