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Uses JIPLN plugin to dynamically load the workbench formlists in Sortomatic so that its workbenches can pull in recipe items from mod-added recipes, not just vanilla and DLC.

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Sortomatic uses formlists to determine which items to pull in from your containers to link when crafting at a workbench/reload bench/fire; by default, ingredients for mod-added recipes are not included.

This mod dynamically adds all mod-added recipes' ingredients to the Sortomatic recipe formlists.

So why make this?
If you are unfamiliar with Sortomatic, or if you do use Sortomatic but have never set the crafting stations to --use all containers--

Basically, with Sortomatic, if you set the crafting benches to --use all containers--, Sortomatic will automatically use items in the containers when you open a crafting menu and then it will put them back when done. But it will only do this for recipe ingredients of vanilla recipes. This mod dynamically adds the ingredients for all recipes of every recipe in memory at game load, so it will work for all modded recipes.

If you use this setting with Sortomatic, you don't have to try to remember what ingredients are, hunt through containers, take them out, go to the crafting bench, craft, then dump the remainder of ingredients to a container.