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A simple cleanup and overhaul of Wolfhorn Ranch, keeping Ulysses Brand alive while making it player friendly.

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You can go home, Courier...
//Update: FollowerUlyssesPatch now available to expand Ulysses' sandboxing when dismissed to the ranch as a follower using Cirosan's mod.

I am still new to modding. Please report any and all bugs or issues so that I can make any necessary improvements. Thank you!/

//Update: Known issues//
-TOUT Ulysses required for the Ulysses Sandbox patch
-The hat and sunglasses found in the house may not equip correctly on the head (hovers over shoulder); please see the posts where one user has helpfully linked bug fixes
-Courier's Stash pre-order pack is required to run and has been added to the required files list to reflect this; if you didn't pre-order, this should still be included in the Ultimate Edition of the game

I'll try to fix these but due to life stuff currently going on, I don't have a timeline for that currently.

According to some non-English versions of the game, Wolfhorn Ranch once belonged to Ulysses, the Courier's antithesis, the catalyst behind many of the events that set the Courier's path throughout New Vegas and the DLCs, and one of the most interesting antagonists in the game. By the time the Courier arrives the place is long empty -- and utterly trashed.

For story reasons, it might be a tempting location to set up shop, but Ulysses' hold home is a wreck with little of function for a player home. This mod seeks to fix that and make the ranch appear livable and lived-in, without betraying its previous owner's aesthetic or its remote location.

The overhauled ranch was put together with Ulysses and Courier Six both in mind; it's meant to look like a place your mysterious antagonist really may have lived, with his fingerprints all over it, as well as a home the Courier has taken up for themselves. No bells and whistles, no advanced tech out in the boondocks - just the basics you need, and a lot of cozy clutter.

(Nearly) all clutter items are static to prevent the usual havoc the physics engine can wreak on all your belongings. The exceptions to this are many of the books on the bookshelf (though they are bounded by static objects to help keep them stable), and a few interesting and useful items located around the ranch.*

Features of the overhauled ranch include:

  • Crafting stations (including functioning stove)
  • A completed fence around much of the lower ranch property
  • A clean water supply (the water pump now provides clean water)
  • More pickable plants
  • Ulysses' book collection (purely aesthetic)
  • Static DLC Souvenirs
  • Farm animals (4 bighorners, 3 dogs, and 1 brahmin, all named)
  • Improved lighting

As of V1.2 the ranch house also includes Sortomatic-enabled containers for better inventory management.**

Download and install/activate using NMM or FOMM.
All of the following DLC are required:

  • Honest Hearts
  • Dead Money
  • Old World Blues
  • Lonesome Road
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal
Download and install/activate using NMM or FOMM.
All of the same DLC required for v1.0 are required for v1.2, in addition to the following mods:


If you already have v1.0 installed and are updating to v1.2, to avoid losing any items:
  • Remove all items currently stored in containers at Wolfhorn.
  • Save your game. If you are overencumbered, sit on the couch, as the IQM and MSC will be near there when you load up the game with the updated mod.
  • Uninstall the previous version of the mod.
  • Install the new version.
  • Load your game and enjoy.

If you are using the Ulysses Companion Mod by Cirosan and would like Ulysses to wander his ranch a little more when he is dismissed there, install the FollowerUlyssesPatch after the Ulysses Companion Mod and overwrite. The patch makes changes to the Wolfhorn Ranch sandbox package added by that mod, to increase his wander radius, unrestrict him from the ranch house, and increase his energy (he'll seek physical activities more than sit around)

Deactivate and delete from your mod manager.


*Because Ulysses is near and dear to my heart and those of several friends, several items have been left around the ranch as nods toward a few Couriers I know who have a particular relationship to Ulysses. These are a shout out to people who have been wonderful friends to me, and are there for their enjoyment when they use my mod. Several of these are equippable, while some are merely static decorations.

**Some notes regarding the Sortomatic update:

  • The ham radio is now your IQM (Inventory Quota Manager) for configuring your sorting system.
  • The military shipping crate beneath it is the MSC (Master Sorting Container) in which you can drop off and retrieve items to be sorted.
  • The military shipping crate at the foot of the bed is your HI (Homeless Items) container. Any items with no destination configured will appear here.

All containers prefixed [S] are now sortomatic enabled. Activate while crouched to assign them as DDs (Default Destinations) for broad categories of items and equipment.
In the interests of letting you configure to your preference I have not made any effort to influence what equipment you place where, though all containers have been placed with types of equipment in mind. Review the instruction manual provided by activating the IQM to learn how the system works.

TL;DR highlights:
  • To assign a container as the DD for an overall category of gear, interact with it while crouched and use the menu provided to assign DDs. Multiple DDs an be assigned to one container (heavy armor + power armor, for example, or guns + ballistic ammo)
  • Alternatively, place individual items in the container you want to keep them in. The system will remember that that item goes there, and will sort all future units of the same item to that container.
  • By default, crafting materials are sorted into the crafting station that uses them. Crouch and interact with crafting stations to open them as containers and look for your stuff, manually place it in the container you want to teach the system that that item goes there.
  • Crafting stations can also be configured at that time to search all sortomatic containers for your materials when you open crafting menus.

Sortomatic Modders Resource is the work of Tunafish and Gribbleshnibbits8. Thanks for the resources!
Although no resources are used from it, the patch modifies AI packages in the Ulysses Companion Mod by Cirosan, which I highly recommend!