Courier 6 Power Armor - Compatibility Patches by Gopher
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Added: 04/03/2011 - 04:22PM
Updated: 21/10/2011 - 10:47PM

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Last updated at 22:47, 21 Oct 2011 Uploaded at 16:22, 4 Mar 2011

Update version 1.3
Update the project nevada patch for the latest version.

This mod is simply two compatibility files that I use when using the Courier 6 Power Armor. The first addes the advanced recon nightvision, water breathing and target acquisition potential, the second adds Project Nevada visor overlays and thermal/EM vision.

Extract whichever compatibility patch you require to the Data folder. You can use both (I do).

'Courier Power Armor - Advanced Recon Tech.esp'
requires both:
1. Courier 6 Power Armor
2. Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision
Gives the helmet variable nightvision, water breathing and integrates with the Target Acquisition Computer / Adv. Recon Trap Detection..

'Courier Power Armor - Project Nevada.esp'
requires both:
1. Courier 6 Power Armor
2. Project Nevada
Gives the helmet a visor overlay and Thermal imagining and EM vision.

NOTE: When you first load the game, take the helmet off, close the pipboy and wait for ten seconds or so. Then put the helmet back on. Project Nevada takes a few seconds to get everything sorted out, and requires you put hte helmet on after it has done its thing :)

Credit should go to the mod authors of those mods. This mod contains none of the content of those mods and just makes them work together.