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Hi tech hybrid stealth armor. See them before they see you.

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See a video of the Fallout 3 version in action: Advanced Recon Stealth Gear video.

Other mods in this series
1. Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.

This mod adds several sets of stealth armor. Some of these are disguised so as not to be quite so obvious from a distance. Now you can choose your look and still be a ghost. Almost all the models are styled in the manner of existing FalloutNV and Fallout3 models, especially BrotherHood of Steel look and feel, with a touch of the Chinese armor stlye creeping in.

Please note that the headgear and helmets designed to go with this armor are now found here: Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.

1. Advanced Recon Armor : This is hi-tec adaptation of the Brotherhood of Steel recon armor. It provides far greater protection whilst also incorporating stealth technology to give a stealth field when sneaking, with no weapon drawn and stationary. This means you rely on your skill when moving or in combat, but you get the chance to become literally invisible when you stand still, adding a new dimension to the stealth experience.

**HINT** Go into sneak before fast travelling, and you will arrive at your destination with stealth field intact.
Same for activating doors/gates. Stop for a second before activating gate and when you enter the new zone, you will be invisible.

2. Advanced Recon Armor (Battle Worn): A battle worn version of the above (see images).

3. Recon Ranger armor: A version of the NCR Ranger combat armor with its high DT plus all the functionality of the recon stealth armor.

4. Recon Ranger Armor (Black) :A black version of the above (see images).

5. Advanced Regulator Recon Duster : As above but disguised to blend in the wasteland better. Sometimes it is not a good
idea to wander about the wasteland always looking like a hi-tec commando. This armor is disguised to look similar to the regulator duster. Up close it will not fool anyone, but at a distance it might.

6. Advanced Recon Death Walker Duster : As above but in black leather.

7. Advanced Recon Trenchcoat : As above but disguised to look like a military trenchcoat. A little smarter than the regulator recon duster.

8. Advanced Recon Black Ops Coat : As above but dark grey/black.

Discover them yourself or check the locations and console commands spoiler file in the optional section.

Optional files:
There are optional files.
1. If you want the items early, just use the location Doc Mitchell file and you can find the items in his house in Goodsprings.
2. If you want an alternative stealth option there are four available: None, Weapon Drawn, Easier and Predator Mode. They are pretty self explanatory. Use just one of these WITH the main file.

Manual Installation:
Download the main file, which is a .rar archive. Extract its contents to your data folder and make sure you activate the esp file in your load order.
Download any optional files you might need and do the same.

NMM Installation:
Download with Vortex and activate the main file and any optional files you might need.

Nevenbridge81 : I used his desert marpat texture created for the recon armor in Fallout 3 as a base for the arms and legs of the Regulator Recon armor.