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Cybernetic eye implant that gives nightvision, thermal imaging and more. Wecome to 'Project: I Dream of Electric Sheep'

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Welcome to 'Project: I Dream of Electric Sheep' where we take your cybernetic needs seriously.

NOTE: This mod REQUIRES the installation of the Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision mod.

You recommend installing this mod using the Fall Out Mod Manager (FOMM), but there are instructions on manual installation in the Installation Guide.
Some functionality requires the New Vegas Script Extender(NVSE), but that is optional. MUST be version 1 b4 or later!

1) Download the Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision mod and install that first.
2) Download the I Dream of Electric Sheep file and install that.

Adds an implant that gives variable intensity nightvision and thermal imaging. This implant includes a visible model (see images). The implant integrates with the TAC (target acquisition computer) included on the Advanced Recon Stealth Armor mod.

You can choose to have a visible cyborg implant (that can not be removed) or a hidden internal implant at installation time using the FOMOD install menu.

The implant is currently gained through a perk, selected as normal during the level up process.

This will obviously conflict with anything that requires the slot used for the implant (either eyes or body addon 3). The version with no model avoids that problem.

Please if you find a mod that you like and want to work with this one, contact me with details. I am only too happy to get feedback so I can make the mod better.

(console command: player.addperk xx000adf)