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  • Stop posting meaningless 'MOP doesn't work'

    Yes, I'm aware that MOP 2.4-2.4.2 for whatever reason doesn't work for some, but just saying "doesn't work" won't help me fix this!

    In order for me to fix MOP I need output_log.txt file, because I'm simply unable to locate the source of the issue.

    Where can you find output_log.txt, if MOP doesn't work for you?

    Simply navigate to My Summer Car main folder (the folder where mysummercar.exe is located), then go to mysummercar_Data, and there you can find output_log.txt. Please, ATTACH IT instead of just saying "MOP doesn't work"!...

  • Info regarding Beta 1.6 and the future of MOP Add bookmark

    Beta 1.6 has been reuploaded, because it didn't had updated version number, causing MSCLoader notifying about the update. Sorry for inconvenience.

    Also, I have some important news regarding MOP:

    From now on, up until the final release 2.0 (because when I uploaded mod for the first time, I stupidly named it 1.0, instead of 0.1), I will not work on adding more features and adding support for more mods.

    I will purely work on the bug fixes and optimization. After the 2.0 gets released, I will work on adding support for other mods. You can help with speeding up the development by sending bug reports, sending error logs (if one gets generated) and so on! 

    Thank you to everyone, who contributed to MOP, and ones who sent the bug reports and tested M...