Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Do you ever feel annoyed that you can see a battlefield filled with high quality armor, yet most of your battle loot is tattered boots? Well, this is why this little mod was born!
Battlefield loot is now on even grounds, with increased loot and the value restrictions removed

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This is a simple utility mod designed to level the playing field when it comes to looting the battlefields
Any object has an even chance of being looted, and the more valuable items will be prioritized
(vanilla filters item values based off player level and other factors, these restrictions have been eliminated)

The mod still adheres to the vanilla roguery system, so roguery and associated perks remain valuable
While it increases the amount of loot acquired slightly, it still takes into account potential item loss / damage, hence no field will ever be 100% looted, even with maximum stats

This mod requires True Controller and is part True Gameplay Overhaul pack:
True Noble Opinion - Fixes the opinions of nobles and mercs to be separate from the clan leader
True Relations - Your reputation with those around you will change with your actions
True Town Gold - Never again be limited by the trading gold available in towns
True Army Costs - Forming an army is a costly endeavor, prepare to have the way you view your troops be altered
True Battle Loot - Changes the loot rules to increase the amount and loot the more valuable items first, your purse is sure to thank you
True Limits - Set your own limits and formulas for various calculations such as party sizes and maximum prisoners

These mods are designed to be modular and can added / removed at any point, they do not alter save files

Designed for and tested on 1.2.7 & 1.2.8
Other Bannerlord versions likely compatible but untested

Future updates may affect the mod as developers continue to alter the code structure in which case a separate version may be released accordingly

v1.1.0: Added simulation support and improved underlying code
v1.1.1: Removed left-over debug text and improved contribution calculation
v1.1.2: Added additional security checks to clear simulation results after a defeat
v1.1.3: Integrated quality modifiers to the loot list
v1.1.4: Added controls for battle looted gold
v1.1.5: Adding missing weapon slot to loot list
v1.1.6: Merged native and advanced loot tables, food and goods now lootable along with equipment
v1.1.7: Added an optional value limit for individual items
v1.1.8: Added an optional menu that will appear at the end of battles to select loot targets and distribution
v1.1.9: Added additional security checks to avoid native behavioral errors
v1.1.10: Added a limit to the amount of gold that can be looted in one battle (default: 30,000 / unrelated to item drops or value, only pure gold looted)
v1.1.11: QoL update to prevent launcher issues with game version less than primary
v1.1.12: Reduced javelins recovery chance post-battle
v1.1.13: Modified code to adhere to e1.7.0, disabled post-battle menu by default
v2.0.0: Updated for 1.2.7/8 and simplified calculations for compatibility purposes
v2.0.1: Corrected potential calculation error
v2.0.2: Re-uploaded due to corrupt file, added additional security measures