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This is the master page for all mods under the True Gameplay Overhaul title.
Future plans and priorities are also included.

Once most mods reach feature stability the complete TGO mod will be published under this page directly.
Patreons and supporters will always have early access to this mod at any time, simply request.

Permissions and credits
This is the master page for the True Gameplay Overhaul mods series
All future releases, plans and priorities will be posted directly under this page

For the latest updates, bug reports and to communicate with me directly please join the Discord Server

Current active mods:
Sort order is irrelevant, all modules can be used alone or together (though it is recommended to use them all to get the maximum experience)
All mods have been set for and tested on 1.6.5 and e1.7.0 unless specified otherwise

True Limits - Set your own limits and formulas for various calculations such as party sizes and maximum prisoners
True Battle Loot - Loot the battlefields to your delight, just remember to reward your soldiers and not to loot your allies "too" often
True Army Costs - Forming an army is a costly endeavor, prepare to have the way you view your troops be altered
True Item Values - Changing how items are priced to reflect materials and stats, while avoiding insane vanilla values
True Quality Modifiers - Less meaningless equipment scavenged from the field, and no more 17x magic price modifiers
True Prisoners - Control your prisoners and launch daring (and not so daring) rescues
True Relations - Your reputation with those around you will change with your actions, thus you will earn traits and skills accordingly
True Noble Opinion - Fixes the opinions of nobles and mercs to be separate from the clan leader
True Arena Experience - Gain full XP during arena fights and tournaments
True Ransoms - Control the flow of ransom gold and liberate notables with wealth

As with all my mods, these are designed to be modular and can added / removed at any point

(this road-map is not a complete list and is subject to change)

High priority 
- Battle Loot - Additional control over post-combat gains, both in items and funds. (done)
- Prisoners (notable escapes) - A separate segment of the original True Prisoners mod with control over player and AI escape chances. Separating as per popular demand and to increase resilience to changes (done)
- Prices Mod Set - Stabilize item prices and item value association (done)
- Workshops - Rework the workshop system to make it more interesting and a viable source for funding campaigns. (done)
Wages - Increased control over troops wages with the appropriate consequences (especially useful with the new military expenses present by the prices mod set).
- Banking - Adds a banking system that both the AI and Player will use. Said banks will serve a variety of functional and will offer no gameplay opportunities.
Brigands - Re-activating mod and adding stability and further predictability to the troop trees (with the added bandit heroes and bounties system).
- Relations - Restoring the relationship and traits impact of activities / decisions. (done)

Requested Features
Tournaments - Adds a variety of tournament types, including sword and shield, archery and jousting. All tournaments are based on culture and prosperity. The mod will naturally include custom matching armors, control over betting and per-round rewards along with much more. A grand tourney may also be included. (this one is for you TruFrost)

Medium Priority
- Smithing - Reworks the smithing system to be more rational and unlock more naturally. Also adds new armor smithing and bow crafting.
Personalities - Restore personalities code from the original True Relations mod and expand interactions to notables, bandits and various groups to make the world more alive and varied.
- Prisoners - Complete the mod set with advanced ransoming, prison rescues / escapes as well as new prisoner interaction system for the player.
- Ransoms and Bribes - Adds new interactions with various characters, from convincing an enemy to release you, to paying bandits to raid a village without your involvement
Prosperity - Change how prosperity affects settlements, is acquired and how the AI will defend it.
Rebels - Allows different groups to splinter and act in their own interest, even from the player main party (forgot to feed your troops? They might just try to kill you).

Low Priority

- Combat Simulation - Adjusts the native combat auto-calculation system to simulate a 4 stage battle, eliminating unexpected results such a looter killing a tier 4+ soldier or any similar irrationality.
- Slavery - You won't want to be a prisoner of the Aserai
- Construction - Dynamic locations construction, destruction and repair (experimental)

Long Term Projects
- Restoring all relevant previous mods and breaking True Economy into multiple modular mods.
- True Factions - Changing overall governing structures, troop trees and adding unique mechanics to each.
True Perks - Rework existing perks to reflect the new functionality and gameplay systems.

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