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Gain reputation, skills and traits from battles, tournaments and events
Allies will love you, enemies will remember you and companions will grow with you

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So what does this mod do?
- Notables will like you more as you hunt down brigands near me
- Lords will recognize your contributions in battle
- Friendships and rivalries can develop during the course of wars
- Tournaments will make the locals like you
- Companions now have personalities and will express them accordingly
- Random events and conversations with companions (check screenshots)
- Your comrades may dislike some actions, such as raiding or abandoning troops, depending on their personalities
- You (and your soldiers) can gain traits and skills through actions (ex: destroying hideouts honor, attacking villages takes it away)
- The ability to imprint your own traits onto your comrades (option disabled by default)
- Global bonuses added for family and faction
- Modified to bypass native clan leader only relations, recommended to be used with True Noble Opinion 

The barter / gifting system that was originally part of this mod has been separated into it's own module, for expansion purposes

This mod is fully configurable, you can edit the settings in the relevant file
Location: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\RelationshipControl\Settings.xml
MCM integrated has no been executed for this mod and is on hold for the time being

For the latest updates, bug reports and to communicate with me directly please join the Discord Server

This mod is part of the True Gameplay Overhaul pack:
True Limits - Set your own limits and formulas for various calculations such as party sizes and maximum prisoners
True Battle Loot - Loot the battlefields to your delight, just remember to reward your soldiers and not to loot your allies "too" often
True Army Costs - Forming an army is a costly endeavor, prepare to have the way you view your troops be altered
True Item Values - Changing how items are priced to reflect materials and stats, while avoid insane vanilla values
True Quality Modifiers - Loss meaningless equipment scavenged from the field, and no more 17x magic price modifiers
True Prisoners - Control your prisoners and launch daring (and not so daring) rescues
True Noble Opinion - Fixes the opinions of nobles and mercs to be separate from the clan leader
True Arena Experience - Gain full XP during arena fights and tournaments
True Ransoms - Control the flow of ransom gold and liberate notables with wealth

As with all my mods this is designed to be modular and can added / removed at any point, it does not alter save files

Tested on 1.6.5 and 1.7.0 (code was changed, if using 1.6.4 or older please use previous versions)
Future updates may affect the mod as developers continue to alter the code structure in which case a separate version may be released accordingly

v1.2.1: Added banters, rationalized relation bonuses from gifts and created rare random events and banters (only 5 added so far)
v1.2.2: Minor tweaks, removed companion relation bonus and improved slightly relationship gain with notables
v1.2.3: Further refinement, added skills and trait gain / loss to battles, tournaments and events, companions can learn skills with the leader
v1.3.0: Fine tuned settings, made configurable, activated random events and voila! 
v1.3.1: Fixed a minor bug that was blocking opinions (when talking directly to a companion / "How do you think our party is doing?")
v1.3.2: Made the rate of gain skills and traits configurable
v1.3.3: Expanded mod to affect family members
v1.3.4: Fixed some (actually many) typos
v1.3.5: Code optimizations and added a global bonus for family and faction
v1.3.6: Additional code cleanup
v1.3.7: Security checks added to avoid conflicts with native and reduce native dialog fragility
v1.3.8: Code refinement and cleanup
v1.3.9: Added additional AI to AI relations
v1.4.0: Added support for 1.6.4
v1.4.1: Small update to prevent native launcher issues
v1.4.2: Corrected a conflict with custom battles
v1.4.3: Fixed issue with conspiracy caravan
v1.4.4: Updated for 1.6.5
v1.4.5: Adjusted code to adhere to 1.7.0

If anyone has any issues, suggestions or requests please leave a comment

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