Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Have you ever noticed how everyone in a clan seems to have the same opinion? Ever had a noble that likes you join only for his relation to reset to zero?
Apparently TW decided the only opinion that matters is the clan leader (even in a character encyclopedia).
This mod fixes this by giving every noble their own "real" relation.

Permissions and credits
What this mod does is quite simple, it separates the relation of a clan member from the clan leader.
The encyclopedia in native lies, when you check how much a character likes you, it will show how much the clan leader likes you (except for neutral, player and no clan), which is why the entire clan seems to have the same opinion, then magically they have no opinion if they join you or if the clan leader changes.

This mod fixes this by separating the relations (both visually and in practice). No more fake relations across the board, different leaders and heroes will have their own opinions of you, with all that comes with that (interactions, dialogue, probability of defection, ...)

For the latest updates, bug reports and to communicate with me directly please join the Discord Server

This mod is part of the True Gameplay Overhaul pack:
True Limits - Set your own limits and formulas for various calculations such as party sizes and maximum prisoners
True Battle Loot - Loot the battlefields to your delight, just remember to reward your soldiers and not to loot your allies "too" often
True Army Costs - Forming an army is a costly endeavor, prepare to have the way you view your troops be altered
True Item Values - Changing how items are priced to reflect materials and stats, while avoid insane vanilla values
True Quality Modifiers - Loss meaningless equipment scavenged from the field, and no more 17x magic price modifiers
True Prisoners - Control your prisoners and launch daring (and not so daring) rescues
True Relations - Your reputation with those around you will change with your actions, thus you will earn traits and skills accordingly
True Ransoms - Control the flow of ransom gold and liberate notables with wealth

As with all my mods this is designed to be modular and can added / removed at any point, it does not alter save files

Tested on 1.6.5 and 1.7.0 (code was changed, if using 1.6.4 or older please use previous version)
Future updates may affect the mod as developers continue to alter the code structure in which case a separate version may be released accordingly

v1.0.1: Corrected notification to reflect notable, not the relevant clan
v1.1.0: Added support for 1.6.4
v1.1.1: Small update to prevent native launcher issues
v1.1.2: Updated for 1.6.5
v1.1.3: Modified code to adhere to 1.7.0

If anyone has any issues, suggestions or requests please leave a comment

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