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For the 1.1.5 version
This mod changes all the banners with custom ones, changes uniform colors, which are natively ovesaturated, thus makes balance in natural cloth color and details colored in faction color, and adds shield design variety.
NOT savegame compatible ! Playthroughs dedicated to this mod recommended!

Permissions and credits
videos are from the now very old 1.0 version, but you should get the idea, it`s only getting better:

This mod is now only a banner pack, to have the new relation bar, settlement icons and name colors the way it is shown on the images, you must download the UI part only, made by Bloc here Settlement Icons - Redesign, and run it alongside CBU Pack.
Now you can use another banner pack with that mod if you wish so.

Got bored of the unicolored banners ?
Your eyes are fed up of the overly-saturated troop uniforms?
Using the banner editor extracted from the early Beta files and uploaded online, I have made this custom banner pack for all the major and minor faction clans. 

Mod is for ENGLISH language only atm, using different language, mod will not work as intended.

The banners and uniform colors are implemented using the Poc Color mod as a base, and it`s very well explained and in depth by its creator purpulez!

Huge kudos to purpulez for making the code of his mod open to us, so we can enjoy our custom config files using his mod !

THERE MIGHT BE SOME IMPROPER CULTURAL SHIELDS shown because of changes in assets center during last few patches of the game, as there are too many of them, i will go over fixing some of them slowly over time.

From 1.0.0 version onwards the pack includes proper design use on battle banners, adds custom banners for ALL rebel towns, having in mind their culture and starting clan owner and is made compatible with SEPARATISM Mod - CHAOS START (english only)!
In order for Separatism to load the custom banners, you need to save the game right at the start and load that savegame again.


TaleWorlds forum page Custom Banners and Uniforms Pack

- Unzip the download CBUfor1.1.5 folder , and inside the extracted folder should be a folder named "PocColor", put it in the Modules folder in the Bannerlord directory.

- Make sure to delete if you already have the POC Color Mod, it can cause issues.
- Check the Poc Color Randomizer Mod at launch, and enjoy ! 
(Have in mind when starting a new game or first time enabling the mod on an old save, when the game loads up the map, banners can be still Native ones, so save the game again immediately and load it up agan, banners should reload then !)
(before starting any new mod, i always recommend using the Module Unblocker mod, because some Windows iterations block .dlls)

Known issues:
- If the player uses a complex custom banner for himself, it might get monocolored in the next reload. Solution is either paste your banner in the banner editor after each load (using banner paste mod or other), or check out the Player Banner Shields optional file and follow the instructions there 

- Using the Banner Color Persistence mod might create a bug in battles where all the units wear white uniforms.

- In some rare instances, banners of the clans can mess up while switching factions, if it happens to you mid-game, just save the game and move a second on the main map.

Planned features:
- Continue adding to variety and immersion by further tweaking banners, uniforms and shields.

-Continue improving the UI elements

Map Overview (using Settlement Icons - Redesign)

Unintrusive relationship bar - enemy/ally  (using Settlement Icons - Redesign):

Major Factions kingdom banners:

Aserai (arabic calligraphy inspired):

Battania (celtic design inspired):

Khuzait (eastern inpired):

Northern Empire (hellenic polis inspired):

Southern Empire (byzantine inspired):

Western Empire (roman vexillum inspired):

Sturgia (rus and east slavs inspired):

Vlandia (western heraldry inspired):

Minor Factions

Vlandia uniforms (see how only high tier troops have colors, and desaturated at that), since the 2.1 version the low tier troops have many more variations in cloth colors, while high tier have several shades of primary faction color

Company of the Golden Boar uniforms

Jawwal uniforms

Low tier troops in many more natural cloth color combinations with different shades of faction colored details

Skolderbrotva shield designs (viking inspired)

Sturgia shield designs (Rus inspired)

Vlandia shield designs (Norman inspired)

Battania shield designs (celtic inspired)

Aserai shield designs (arabic inspired)

Khuzait shield design (eastern inspired)

Western Empire shield designs (Roman inspired)

South Empire shield designs (Byzantine inspired)

North Empire shield designs (hellenic inspired)