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For the Main branch, this mod pack changes all the non-ruler clans` with custom banners , plus makes changes to unifrom colors, which are by default ovesaturated, thus makes balance in natural cloth color and details colored in faction color.
The mod is savegame compatible.

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Got bored of the unicolored banners ?
Your eyes are fed up of the overly-saturated troop uniforms?
Using the banner editor extracted from the early Beta files and uploaded online, I have made this custom banner pack for almost all the major and minor faction clans, leaving the ruling clans` banners of the major factions intact, for recognition purposes (diplomacy screen, easier to see who is at war with whom etc.)

This mod is at the moment very well complemented by the oet's Faction Nameplates that add faction colors to the settlement names, Bear My Banner and BannerPeasants mod, or any other similar banner-carrying mods, until the banner carrying units are added to the vanilla game.

This pack includes the changes in the uniform colors as well, making the clothes be of natural colors, with just minor details having the color of the faction, to avoid over-saturation of the Native colors.

Some of the minor factions' uniforms i have colorised for better effect, and as they are far and few in between across the whole map, they shouldn't impact the oversaturation of the battlefield.

I also tried to connect some clans to the Warband lore, through their banners, where it was possible and logical (such as Banu Sarran of the to-be Sarranid Sultanate in Warband timeline, VAGIRoving as the ruling house of the future Vaegirs, having both of the cousins' King Yaroglek's and Prince Vladym the Bastard's symbols (i imagined them being the same clan before Yaroglek's father executed Vladym's mother, after which he split), Khergit of the to-be Khergit Khanate and dey Arromanc, holders of Jaculan, future Jelkala, the capital of the future Rhodok faction, splinter state of Vlandia, thus i also went in a more "Native-y" style of banners, rather than pure fancy.

You will need to download the amazing Kingdom Color Changer  mod by gooboon, as a base mod. Unzip it and inside the initial folder, you will find another one named simply KingdomColor. Copy the folder and paste it in the location steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules.
( the installation instructions are on the linked nexus page of that base mod as well).

Start the launcher, check the box of the mod, and start the game. You just need to load in the starting screen, then exit the game. The mod has now created a KingdomColor.xml file in the \Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\KingdomColor

Delete that KingdomColor file, then download one of the CBU variants you wish (for now there is only one available, more coming soon), UNZIP and place the unzipped file in that same directory instead.

If your game crashes on the loading screen, you may want to try the Module Unblocker .
If you are using Vortex, you might need to delete the settings.xml in your mod folder in the Modules game directory, and replace it with my KingdomColor.xml


(Optional) If you would like to revert to default uniform colors

TaleWorlds forum page Custom Banners and Uniforms Pack

TO UNINSTALL, simply uncheck the mod box in the launcher, or delete mod folder from Modules and KingdomColor.xml too from \Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\KingdomColor .

Be wary that doing only this, your old savegames will still use the custom banners, but a new campaign game will revert to vanilla banners and uniforms. 

So in order to revert to default changes in your on-going savegames, you need to download the KingdomColor, unzip it , Replace the KingdomColor.xml in the \Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\KingdomColor with the other one you just unzipped from UNINSTALL, load your savegames, save the games again, then you can delete the mod and the reverted changes in your savegames will be kept.

I will try to keep the mod updated, as fast as the base mod keeps getting updated and the game gets new patches.
Hopefully the patches coming won't mess with the mod too much.
The changes should be visible on all your previous savegames too, so its SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE ,and it should look something like this :




Northern Empire

Southern Empire

Western Empire



Minor Factions

Map Overview

Khuzait uniforms

Aserai Uniforms

Southern Empire uniforms

Vlandian Uniforms

Sturgian Uniforms

Company of the Golden Boar uniforms

Jawwal uniforms

Wanted feature: trying to implement for the future- colored fief names, to avoid the campaign map confusion caused by custom banners not changing color to it's factions color, especially when clans start switching sides.

In case you just want to use some of them as your personal banner, here`s all their codes (including a couple that didnt make the final cut) :
Custom Banner Codes