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For the e1.5.5 Main branch only for now, this mod changes all the banners with custom ones, also changes uniform colors, which are by default ovesaturated, thus makes balance in natural cloth color and details colored in faction color, changes settlement names to be in faction colors, plus adds shield variety.
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videos are from the old 1.0 version, but you should get the idea, it`s only getting better:

Got bored of the unicolored banners ?
Your eyes are fed up of the overly-saturated troop uniforms?
Using the banner editor extracted from the early Beta files and uploaded online, I have made this custom banner pack for all the major and minor faction clans. 

The version 2.0 of the banners and uniform colors are implemented using the Poc Color mod as a base, and it`s very well explained and in depth by its creator purpulez!
Huge kudos to purpulez for making the code of his mode open to us!
NO NEED for KingdomColor mod this time!

Huge thanks to Bloc for making the UI part of this mod customizable !

Some of the shield designs for empire factions are taken from the Polybian mod, a couple of the shields and banner designs are inspired by the great creations from Reddit, such as the Lion head for Vlandia by 88wildy, and the masterfully done Byzantine eagle by MacrmaM1234, for the South Empire.

This mod is at the moment very well complemented by the Bear My Banner , BannerPeasants mod, or any other similar banner-carrying mods, until the banner carrying units are added to the vanilla game.
There is also a compatibility config for More Troops Mod which you can download as an optional file there.

The newest 2.4 version of the pack includes settlement name colors and relationship bar rework (savegame compatible), as well as further enhancing visuals in a number of different banners from 2.3, and also the further changes in the uniform colors, making the low tier troops, which are the bulk of every army, have clothes of natural colors with many random shades, whilst just minor details are having the color of the faction in several shades as well, to avoid over-saturation of the Native colors, PLUS making only high tier troops have primary color of the faction, but the toned down version of those colors and in several shades, and the result is very pleasing !

UI has been reworked in a way to easily distinguish settlement type (village, castle, town) by its banner size, banner and name are centered over the settlement, and the relationship bar (ally/enemy) is now showing as overglow arround the banners, following its shape.

ALL ruling clans now have their own banners, that they will switch to in case of another clan taking their throne in the kingdom.

ALL the major factions have many culturaly inspired shield variations, while noble troops and high tier cavalry will bear clan banners on their shields, to represent the personal retinue of the commanding lords.

All the minor factions' uniforms are colorised appropriately and edited some of the shields (Skolderbrova viking shield designs for example) for better effect, and as they are far and few in between across the whole map, they shouldn't impact the oversaturation of the battlefield.

I also tried to connect some clans to the Warband lore, through their banners, where it was possible and logical (such as Banu Sarran of the to-be Sarranid Sultanate in Warband timeline, VAGIRoving as the ruling house of the future Vaegirs, having both of the cousins' King Yaroglek's and Prince Vladym the Bastard's symbols (i imagined them being the same clan before Yaroglek's father executed Vladym's mother, after which he split), Khergit of the to-be Khergit Khanate and dey Arromanc, holders of Jaculan, future Jelkala, the capital of the future Rhodok faction, splinter state of Vlandia, thus i also went in a more "Native-y" style of banners, rather than pure fancy.

TaleWorlds forum page Custom Banners and Uniforms Pack

- Unzip the download CBUPack2.4 folder , and inside the extracted folder should be a folder named "CBUPack", put it in the Modules folder in the Bannerlord directory,

- Check the CBU Pack Mod at launch, and enjoy ! 
(before starting any new mod, i always recommend using the Module Unblocker mod, because some Windows iterations block . dlls)

Planned features:
- Make it so that the player and all the lords have their clan banner on their shield, instead of the randomized custom shield designs of the faction they are vassal to.
- Continue adding to variety and immersion by further tweaking banners, uniforms and shields.
-Continue improving the UI elements

Known issues:
- Even after resolving the crash in 1.5.6, can`t publish for that version because the banners all get messed up the very moment you load any save, looking into it and trying to upload the new 1.5.6 version as soon as possible.
- In some rare instances, banners of the clans can mess up while switching factions, if it happens to you mid-game, just save the game and reaload it. Each reload of the savegame refreshes an reverts banners to intended state.
- New savegame logic introduced in 1.5.4 makes so that the banners are saved even after you uncheck the mod upon launch or even delete it, they stay saved in the savegame. Looking into overriding it, for now there is the De-install config you can download.

Map Overview

Unintrusive relationship bar (enemy/ally) :

Major Factions kingdom banners:

Aserai (arabic calligraphy inspired):

Battania (celtic design inspired):

Khuzait (eastern inpired):

Northern Empire (hellenic polis inspired):

Southern Empire (byzantine inspired):

Western Empire (roman vexillum inspired):

Sturgia (rus and east slavs inspired):

Vlandia (western heraldry inspired):

Minor Factions

Vlandia uniforms (see how only high tier troops have colors, and desaturated at that), since the 2.1 version the low tier troops have many more variations in cloth colors, while high tier have several shades of primary faction color

Company of the Golden Boar uniforms

Jawwal uniforms

High tier troops in several shades of the faction colors

Low tier troops in many more natural cloth color combinations with different shades of faction colored details

Skolderbrotva shield designs (viking inspired)

Sturgia shield designs (Rus inspired)

Vlandia shield designs (Norman inspired)

Battania shield designs (celtic inspired)

Aserai shield designs (arabic inspired)

Khuzait shield design (eastern inspired)

Western Empire shield designs (Roman inspired)

South Empire shield designs (Byzantine inspired)

North Empire shield designs (hellenic inspired)