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Adds bankers to the House vaults in Vivec, the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart, and the Indoril Vault in Bosmora (TR).
Open deposit accounts, take out loans, invest in House ventures, and buy traveler's notes.

Permissions and credits
Wealth Within Measure v1.25
by Texafornian
(Compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt v1709, OpenMW 0.42+)

-Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and EITHER Morrowind Code Patch OR OpenMW-
(to fix the missing month of Morning Star)

MWSE is -not- required

What is it?

Adds bankers to the three House vaults in Vivec, the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart, and the Indoril Vault in Bosmora (TR version) who can set up deposit accounts, offer thirty-day loans, provide investment bonds for Great House ventures, and sell traveler's notes. Interest accrues on deposit accounts and loans every 7 days.

Deposit Accounts: Dump your spare gold into an account and it'll earn interest every 7 days.

Loans: You have thirty days to pay off the loan (plus interest!), or else the bank will pull funds from your deposit account to pay off the debt.  If that doesn't cover it, or you don't have an account, then you'll receive a bounty for the remaining balance.

Investment Bond: Must be a member of the same faction (Great Houses only) to purchase a bond in a House-specific Egg or Ebony Mine. Short-term bonds have high risk and high reward; you might gain or lose big. Long-term bonds will almost assuredly be profitable, but they won't have profits as high as those of short-term bonds.

Traveler's Notes: Equivalent to traveler's checks. Especially useful if you're running a mod that adds weight to gold.


Is there a performance impact?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: The mod doesn't run any global scripts until you take out a loan or open a deposit account.  Each loan or account has its own light-weight global script to ensure that 1) interest is accumulated separately and 2) the player can control the performance impact.  I've had 2 deposit accounts and 2 loans open (4 global scripts) without any performance impact whatsoever. When a loan ends or you close a deposit account, the associated global scripts end. If you want to be safe, or you're already running a lot of global scripts, just limit yourself to one deposit account and/or one loan at a time.

Will X mod be compatible?

WWM was written with compatibility in mind so it doesn't add any exterior objects, only NPCs to interior cells that typically are not touched by mods. All mods should be compatible with WWM except for those that delete, rename, or significantly change the x,y,z coordinates of the following cells:
- Vivec, Hlaalu Treasury
- Vivec, Redoran Treasury
- Vivec, Telvanni Vault
- Ebonheart, Imperial Commission
- Bosmora, Indoril Vault (TR)

What if my loan failure pushes my bounty above 5,000 gold?

There's a check in the scripts that ensures that your bounty will not go above 5,000 gold from loan failure. Thus, you'll always be able to talk to a guard to pay off your debts.


Cyprinus - Investment idea
Lava Croft - Pointed out significant bug

Please see the readme here on Nexus or in your downloaded file for more info.