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This mod lets you join the Camonna Tong and includes more than 40 quests. Only available for Dunmer character.

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  • Polish
TES III Morrowind
Join the Camonna Tong - Camonna Tong Faction Mod V1.0
by DD4n

This mod adds the Camonna Tong as a joinable faction for Dunmer characters and provides multiple quests. It is intended to be as lore-friendly as possible. Also, this mod tries to resemble an ordinary morrowind faction questline and is meant to "blend in" with the vanilla game. The mod uses the NPCs existent in the main game and doesn't add custom items (with a few exceptions, see spoilers).
The Camonna Tong is the Dunmer counterpart of the Imperial Thieves Guild. Therefore, once you have joined either you won't be allowed to join the other.
As the native crime syndicate, the Camonna Tong is involved in the Skooma trade, smuggling and political assassinations. Also, they hate outlanders especially the member of the Thieves Guild.

Installation and requirements:
In theory, only the main game is required but I've only tested the GOTY-version.
To install the file, copy the .esp to your data file folder and use the "Data files" section of the Morrowind launcher to activate it. Then you are ready to go!

This Mod includes:
 - Camonna Tong faction ranks
 - 36 main Camonna Tong quests
 - 5 optional high rank Camonna Tong quests 
 + some hidden quests for House Hlaalu and House Redoran (see spoilers)

How to get started:
I really recommend starting a new game rather than using your old safe files out of the following reasons:
 - Only Dunmer can join the Camonna Tong
 - Thieves Guild members aren't allowed
 - As I mentioned before, this mod only uses NPCs found in the game -> some NPCs, unimportant in the vanilla game, may be needed in this mod
If you still want to use your old safe files make sure to create a backup first.
The difficulty of most quests is medium. I recommend to start the first quests with a character at ~ level 6-9 but that's up to you.
To start this mod, you need to ask a member of the Camonna Tong about the Camonna Tong (obviously). Although, they won't tell you unless you have a really high disposition with them. But first you need the dialog topic "Camonna Tong". There are multiple ways to get it. The easiest way is probably asking Larrius Varro at Moonmoth Legion Fort in Balmora about "a little story".
High Securtiy and Speechcraft skills are useful in some quests.

 - Fligg's Slave Mod (tried to fix it with the last update but still needs testing)
 - Nastier Camonna Tong (most likely)

 - This is the first mod I upload
 - The mod is somewhat dialog heavy (like everything in Morrowind) and English is my second language
 - Feel free to tell me about any incompatibilities you experience
 - This mod tries to be as balanced and lore-friendly as possible
If there are any issues concerning things mentioned above feel free to message me.

 - v.1.01: bug fixes
 - v.1.10: bug fixes, minor adjustments regarding lore, new obscure alternative ending

Bethesda for Morrowind
papill6n for TESCS fixed for Morrowind Steam GOTY edition

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