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Adds three more quests for the Bal Molagmer.

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It's time to fight against injustice once again... with sticky fingers! This mod adds three more quests for the Bal Molagmer, increasing the total number of Bal Molagmer quests from seven to ten. To begin: Talk with Hreirek the Lean in Dagon Fel, with Thieves' Guild membership, and the Bal Molagmer gloves with you.

The new quests:

- A poor miner is exploited by his boss: Contact HR and arrange a raise for him. ;)
- A girl is indebted a Camonna Tong loanshark: Arrange a new payment plan for her. ;)
- A Dunmer lost his job, and got evicted from the home he rented: Arrange a solution of legal nature for his problem. ;)

The mod should be compatible with pretty much everything, it has been tested and no bugs or issues have been encountered, and it has been cleaned with both TESAME and TESTool.

I highly recomment to use this mod together with my other mod, Lore-Friendly Bal Molagmer Gloves. (Gives a lore-friendly and balanced enchantment for the Bal Molagmer gloves: Resist Fire 20-40 pts for 10 secs on Self, with the opportunity to cast the effect five times without recharging the item.)

Q: Wait for just a moment! I already have a character who is the Grandmaster of the Thieves' Guild, and Stacey is gone. Does this make the three new quests unavailable?

A: I anticipated your problem, and no, because the three new quests are given by a new NPC: Hreirek the Lean, in Dagon Fel. So even if Stacey is already gone, you can still get the three new quests. This solution also ensures compatibility with any "Complete the vanilla Bal Molagmer quests after Stacey is gone" mods, as the dialogue conditions wouldn't be f*cked up by my new quests, as they are given to another NPC, independent from Stacey, or any other NPC used by those mods.

Q: But how I do know that the quests are available by talking with Hreirek the Lean? Something that points me there?

A: Yes, if you complete the seven vanilla Bal Molagmer quests of Stacey, he would casually mention that a "sister thief in Dagon Fel" is quite interested in the idea of the Bal Molagmer. If you activate this mod mid-game, and Stacey is already gone, you wouldn't get any hints, but the quests would still be playable: The conditions for unlocking them are just being a member of the Thieves' Guild and having the Bal Molagmer gloves, and talking with Hreirek the Lean. So they can be completed at any point, as long as these conditions are fulfilled, and the entire thing is independent from Stacey, except for the dialogue pointing you to Hreirek.