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I am Crown. I make mods for Morrowind. The mods hosted on my page are not the only projects that I have had a part in creating. Below you can find more projects that I have contributed to or collaborated with other authors to create.




Supported Collaborations

These are projects that I still endeavor to update.



The Forgotten

A tale about the Forgotten Daedric Cult of Namira.



The Talos Cult Conspiracy

An expansion of the Talos Cult. This allows you to join them and explains their motivations in a thrilling story.




Unsupported Collaborations

These are projects that I will not be supporting for the foreseeable future.



The Ash Pit

My first ever collaboration. It brings an unusual arena to Vvardenfell, of which you may compete in.



The Tempest

An alternative start mod that places you on a tutorial island of sorts.



King of Worms

The proof of concept behind my God of Worms mod. A short introduction to the Worm Cult in Morrowind.



From Ash to Frost

This brings the Sixth House to Solstheim. The story takes place both after the main quest and the EETC questline.



The Wizard of Tel Branora

It's a joke mod that makes fun of the Wizard of Oz. It was a lot of fun to make.



Nerevarine Unchained

An alternative start mod that starts you off as a slave at the Dren Plantation.





These are mods that I contributed to, but did not play a significant role in their creation.



Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters appear when the player is, well, wanted.



Publius Claudius

A companion mod intended for an Imperial Legionnaire.



The Ebony Warrior

A standalone Native Ebony Armor mod, envisioned by the well-talented Ruffin Vangarr.



Vampire Nerevarine

This mod allows you to complete be both a vampire and the Nerevarine in a logical sense.



Home in Ebonheart Chargen

An alternative start mod where you begin in your house in Ebonheart.