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This mod populates the Shrine of Azura on the Azura's Coast with some pilgrims and a priestess along with some other edits.

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"Azura is the Anticipation of Sotha Sil, but female to his male. Azura was the ancestor who taught the Chimer how to be different from the Altmer. Her teachings are sometimes attributed to Boethiah. In the stories, Azura is often encountered more as a communal progenitor of the race as a whole rather than as an individual ancestor. She is associated with Dusk and Dawn, and is sometimes called the Mother Soul. Azura's Star, also called the Twilight Star, appears briefly at dawn and dusk low on the horizon below the constellation of the Steed. Azura is associated with mystery and magic, fate and prophecy"

The Shrine to Azura in vanilla Morrowind was sparse and dull. If it wasn't for the fact that the statue inside gave you a quest, it probably would be regarded as an insignificant structure. This mod adds some worshipers and other NPCs to make the shrine feel more like a real place of worship.

This mod adds some NPCs and a small dock to the shrine. To get to the shrine, the monk outside Holamayan Monastery can ferry you over there for a small fee. The fisherman at the shrine can send you to some nearby settlements, which is handy if you are lost in the middle of the Azura's coast region. The outside of the shrine itself is altered slightly to make the path actually reach the shrine entrance, and with some decoration and lights.
The inside of the shrine contains a few pilgrims who will remark on whatever exploits you've gotten up to. The priestess also provides some services to the player, and can give them some input on Azura's quest.

This mod isn't compatible with any mods that alter the exterior or interior of the Shrine of Azura in the Azura's Coast Region.

Feel free to edit this mod as you like. I don't mind anyone editing and publishing the mod, just as long as it isn't a direct reupload of it.
Thanks to Sigourn for the 1.0a patch.
Thanks also to DarkElfGuy for featuring the mod in Morrowind Modding Showcases!