About this mod

Tetra, the Pack Guar will be added to your game.

She's difficult to kill, hard to lose, and can carry a lot of stuff. She will also fight beside you.

Tetra can be found in the Abaesen-Pulu Egg Mine, near Seyda Neen.

Permissions and credits

Your new Companion has many useful features:

  • - Will warp behind the player if she lags far behind.
  • - Can warp with you when you use Recall, Intervention, or scripted teleports.
  • - Can be summoned to your location with her magic amulet.
  • - Can be instructed to Wait or Follow by sneaking and activating her.
  • - You can easily swap places with Tetra by jumping and activating her while doing so.
  • - You can swap places with Tetra (if you are stuck in a doorway for example) via dialogue.
  • - You can inspect her stats, and see how your Pack Guar is doing (in the "Health" menu).
  • - Tetra can be set into 'Durable Mode' via dialogue, making her functionally invulnerable.
  • - Tetra levels with the player, her stats increase as your character's stats increase.
  • - Tetra levitates and water walks with the player.
  • - Your Pack Guar can act as a light source.
  • - Tetra can be healed with potions via dialogue.
  • - Tetra has 'Potion Saver' code, meaning she will not drink all your health potions.
  • - Players can ask a Guard where Tetra is located, and she will be warped to a nearby tavern.
  • - There is a wide variety of commentary on your new buddy (based off Race/Class/Other).
  • - Ask around via the "+ My Pack Guar +" topic!

MWSE Users: If you'd like Tetra to not engage in combat, please consider using the Peaceful Pets MWSE mod by Danae.