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Lyithdonea: The Azurian Isles is a landmass mod for Morrowind featuring a tropical paradise between Tamriel and Akavir inhabited by one of the last remnants of the Chimer. The mod has a strong influence from the Daedric Lord Azura with dusk and dawn themes and Azura being the focus of religion in the region. Explore a detailed new landmass, discover strange creatures, battle pirates, immerse in the lore and much yet to come!

This mod is currently in alpha meaning that not all features are implemented. Right now this mod primarily features the entire exterior landmass which is slightly larger than Solstheim (see the map included in the screenshots).

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Playing the Mod

Getting Started
To get to Lyithdonea, talk with someone on Azura’s Coast (such as in Sadrith Mora or Tel Branora) about “Latest Rumors”.

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Mash may note some overlap if you’re using either NoM or Animated Morrowind as I have included resources from both mods.
RR Mod Series – Better Ships and Boats currently causes some visual issues with Lyithdonea (especially in New Argonia) due to the new model shapes.
Lyithdonea, The Azurian Isles is currently compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt.

Load Order
Should be loaded before Necessities of Morrowind (NoM) and Animated Morrowind.


When the Chimer were led by the triune Good Daedra into the old land of Veloth, each Daedra Lord fostered their own group of priests and priestesses. After entering Veloth, the High Velothi Culture eventually dwindled into tribal nature which finally emerged as early versions of the modern Dunmer Houses. Among these houses were the holy Daedric Houses, which included House Boethiah, House Mephala and, most importantly to this mod, House Azura. For many generations, the Minor Houses led the Great Houses in worship of the Good Daedra. However, when the Tribunal ascended to godhood and replaced the old traditions of ancestor and Daedra worship, the priestly Minor Houses began to fall out of favor in the emerging Great House and Dunmer Temple culture.

Azura heard the cries of her persecuted House and legends portray her performing the Translation to "create" the Azurian Isles for her devout House. When she was finished, Azura gathered all of House Azura and brought them to the isles. Where they have dwelt for the past 3000 years. [Azura's "creation" of the isles is possibly only folk-lore but don't bring that up with a House Azura zealot!]

House Azura is sanctioned into two easily definable divisions: The House Azura Government and the Sacred Rosery. The Rosery is the modern representation of the ancient priestly lines, while House Azura resembles modern Great Houses more in structure and government, led by the Magnate and the mer and womer of the Rose Council.

Azura is the primary deity worshiped by House Azura; they respect the other daedra but do not worship them. The old ways of ancestor worship are also an integral part of worship and communing in the isles. Ancestral tombs, minor ghost fences, and Waiting Doors are common in the Isles.

The Azurian Isles are a large archipelago located far to the southeast of Vvardenfell Island, and beyond the mainland of Morrowind in the Padomaic Ocean between Tamriel and Akavir. The lush, tropical Azurian Isles Region dominates the archipelago. To the south, the traditionally named Thousand Isles are inhabited by the separatist Ouameri tribe of Chimer.


I hope you enjoy the alpha! I have spent over 8 years working on this mod and plan to continue until it is completed. Please feel free to leave feedback and report bugs. Note that missing features are not bugs (e.g. lack of dialogue, incomplete interiors, etc.);

I cannot thank everyone enough who has helped out with this project along the way; especially my wife who has put up with my time spent modding and constant requests for her opinion so far!

--- Melchior Dahrk ---