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Adds a slightly tweaked Light Armor version of Danke's Dishonored Mask in the Ald'ruhn Mage's Guild.

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"The most curious thing about it though is the inscription on the inside, carved in Dwemeris. Unfortunately, the word itself doesn't seem to match with any Dwemer word we have on record - if it is even a Dwemeris word at all - when translated to common Tamrielic. I do think it could be our mystery maker's signature, like the personal touch that many a craftsman fancy to do. But we may never really know who this "D A N K E" person may be."

I'm a fan of Morrowind and and I played some Dishonored. And when I found that Danke had made a Dwemer-version of Corvo's Mask for Morrowind, I just wanted it for my playthroughs. 

Unfortunately, it came as a Heavy Armor helmet rather than the lightweight mask I was expecting. 

Fortunately, Danke did say that the asset is free to use for any modding project. So here is my take on it. I made a few tweaks in Nifskope, made a separate model to make it look like a mask resting on cloth, and edited its stats to match that of Tribunal's Dark Brotherhood Helms. 

Also, it's my very first mod. But don't let that hold back your criticism. 

The mask can be found in the Ald'ruhn Mage's Guild main hall, alongside a small note written by a certain researcher who was disappointed that it hadn't been built for a robot. 

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