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Safebox - requested by RuffinVangarr

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Adds additional armour slots for accessories.

Permissions and credits

What is it?
Created originally for RuffinVangarr's Fashionwind - MWSE Glasses and Goggles mod, this mod allows modders to add several more accessories to allow for more unique player identities.
Added in v1
  • 7 additional head slots (Default: 360 - 366)
  • Different meshes for individual races
  • Translation offsets for individual races
  • Scale offsets for individual races
  • Disabling accessories for specific races
  • Player support
  • NPC support
Added in v2
  • Rotation offsets for individual races
  • 12 pre-registered head slots
  • 9 pre-registered body slots
  • Body part culling
  • Custom slots for mod-specific accessories
Added in v3
  • Skin support to allow for full wearables instead of individual nodes
  • Claiming vanilla slots to allow exclusive one slot to take priority over another (eg. how full helmets replace open helms, not allowing bandanas with helmets, etc)
How do I use it?
See the tutorial HTML file in the main download or the example in the miscellaneous download for how to integrate the mod. Also see RuffinVangarr's Fashionwind - MWSE Glasses and Goggles mod for a practical example.
  • RuffinVangarr for the idea, request, testing, and screenshots of his mod's implementation (along with the logo and display card)
  • Greatness7 for the actual equipping / unequipping base code from Danae's Adventurer's Backpacks mod that was modified for use in this mod
  • Lucevar for the request to Onionise OAAB scarves to be wearable with hoods, which made me realise some potential flaws with v2
  • Qualia for attempting to Onionise the OAAB scarves earlier
  • Greatness7 again for the base skinning code