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New look for many enchanted items and new items to find.

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This mod contains retextures for most of the stock Morrowind enchanted jewelry and accessories (such as belts, shoes, and gloves). Unenchanted versions of the new things can be found wherever regular clothes are found or sold. I also made new enchanted varieties which can be found randomly where magic items usually appear.

Unique Jewelry and Accessories will:
- change the appearance of some of the original Morrowind enchanted items
- add new unenchanted items
- add a shop in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Canalworks
- add some quests and a faction you can join
It will also do the following (unless you use the "_no ench" version)
- add new enchanted items to the loot lists

With this mod enabled you will never again mistake your Third Barrier Ring for your Ring of Regeneration, or confuse your Amulet of Slowfalling with your Amulet of Gem Feeding (could be fatal!).

Each item also has a new icon (with alpha channel). I didn't make any of the meshes, I just reskinned them.