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Introduces a water wheel powered Mill into Dagon Fell with a Smithy and Armory shop.

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                            Kursan is proud to give you 
                                     Dagon Fell Mill

Dagon Fel Mill was first published in October 2009 on Planet Elder Scrolls, this is V-1.8
Click on the link to find it. Otherwise use V-1.7

This mod Introduces a water wheel powered Mill into Dagon Fell with a Smithy and Armory shop run by Belrond and Asha who have left Solstheim and moved to Dagon Fell to start over.
They offer Nordic weapons and Armor and train you at them, for a price...
Nordic Armor for sale is available as a much lighter Medium grade, as well as the standard Heavy, and there are a few custom made weapons based on Viking arms; I gave the custom weapons made by "Psymoniser" a more realistic weight based on real swords.
The shop also offers three types of throwing Axes, also with adjusted weight.
Throwing Axes, Arrows and repair hammers restock instantly so you never run out. (as long as you have the cash)
Belrond and Asha can train you in everything they sell and they have new dialogue about their gear and Solstheim. The tower has a small but cozy room in the very top, which can be lived in by the player and contains safe storage.
The idea being that you agreed to be Belrond's apprentice with free board. Originally I was going to add dialogue and some errand quests to become his apprentice but it is unlikely that I will ever implement this idea at this stage.
It has all the basic stuff you need in a place plus a balcony with a view! There is also a hidden something somewhere in that room that was already there in the previous version, but I forgot to mention.
I doubt anyone found it since you had to levitate before to find it :)
Check out the Mill featured in this video by Darkelfguy, many thanks.

To install:
Recommended to use NMM; otherwise make sure that you drop all files into the corresponding folders in your Data folder!
Manual Install:
Unzip the downloaded file into Morrowind "DATA FILES". Place the ESP file in the Data files directory and the Meshes into the Meshes folder within your Data folder.
Start up the game, go into "data files" on the opening screen.
Srcoll down to "Dagon Fell Mill" and click the box on the left to activate the esp.

Bloodmoon is required!
As the screen shots show the location of the Mill is compatible with "Metal Queen Boutique" by Canadian Ice & Howndog, "Dagon Fell House" by B79, and "Hilgya the Seamstress" by Plangkye.
Those are the ones I know of, if you run anything else you need to test it yourself.
Beside the house location I moved one rock by a shack in town to make access to the Mill pier easier, and a second rock right across the bay to open up another passage to the harbor, (For those who like to get around by boat as I do) and I added a Nord Longboat to the harbor; if you are running "Ald Redaynia Expanded" by Princess Stomper, and Lokken Island this boat can drop you off at either place and offers return trips; or given the context it gives the Harbor a more realistic feel.

Special thanks to "Phaedrus" for his wonderful Waterwheel!
Special thanks to Psymoniser for his fantastic Viking style weapons!
I used a tub from "Dazz_Hero's" Balmora Bath house.
Thanks to Darkelf for a large chunk of interior work.
Thanks to Bethesda for a most awesome Game that keeps on giving!
Legal Stuff:

Install at your own risk, always back up your game before testing a new plugin and no telling what may or may not happen when you install this plugin, the risk is yours to take.

Special Note:
I will upload all my mods from "yesteryear" to the Nexus over the next few weeks. All these mods I created as "Thondur" and were previously hosted only on "Planet Elder Scrolls" where they
have been sitting for years. All my mods are also available at Morrowind Modding History, a really great site for Morrowind mods you should check it out!
Please understand that for now the mods are presented "as is" and I do not mod for Morrowind at the moment; in fact it has been so long that I do not
even remember how I did some things I created in these mods. If there are any Bugs they will have to wait or you have to fix them yourself. Fair warning. It is my hope to "get back into the game" as it were one of these days as I still care a great deal for this great game. While I mod and play mostly in
Skyrim now, Morrowind will always have the strongest emotional connection with me. Exploring it for the first time is an experience that will stay with me forever. I hope that you will enjoy some or all of my mods in your game, Cheers,