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The fourth installment in my Epic Cities mods, it expands the presence of Dwemer ruins surrounding the village to play up Dagon Fel's unique attractions and charm.

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Epic Dagon Fel is the fourth installment in my Epic City Mods. It litters the slopes and edges of Dagon Fel with Dwemer Ruins, creating the illusion of a bigger city. There are also some shacks that have been added to town. Ontop of this, I've also added a mini dungeon that you can call your home. To get the details on that, talk to some villagers in town.


Download from the "files" tab. If you have the mod Hilgya the Seamstress, download the second file instead.

Unzip into your Data folder.

If you are using MGE or MGXE, don't forget to run the distant land generator again with Epic Dagon Fel turned on!



While not nearly as insane as the others, I should just keep the disclaimer that this is mod is system intensive. MGE and MCA users might have to do some tweaking to optimize performance if they have dips in framerate. I would not recommend downloading this if your rig is circa 2003.


This mod is not compatible with any Dagon Fel expansion mods.