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Experience an alpine Sheogorad with icebergs, pines, nordic ruins, and new locations to explore!

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~Winds of Sheogorad~

When you look at a map of Morrowind and Solstheim, you'll see that Sheogorad and Solstheim are at the same latitude. This would make one assume that they have a similar climate or biome. Presumably, the lore explanation could perhaps be that the heat from Red Mountain has made Sheogorad warmer, but that wasn't quite good enough an explanation for me to suspend my disbelief. Instead, I wanted to increase the variety and diversity of Vvardenfell by making Sheogorad a mix of Nordic and Dunmer landscapes. A land touched by the ancient culture of the Nords during the raids of the First and Second eras. Sheogorad no longer has the giant mushrooms of the Azura's coast, but instead has pines and cairns. Dwemer Ruins lie in enchanted forests, their brassy exteriors covered in vines. There are new secrets to be found, places to be discovered, and adventures to be had.

There are three new dungeons which also function as player houses once they are cleared out. The enemies inside don't respawn, and they give you the ability to roleplay a little bit. Some of them even have stories which can be discovered through notes and letters left behind.

This probably isn't compatible with any Dagon Fel overhauls or anything that massively changes Sheogorad's landscape. Most of the terrain itself I kept intact, but all the menhirs are now gone and some areas have new buildings.