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Go Fletch adds a brand new Fletching skill to the game, utilising the latest skill and crafting frameworks in MWSE to fully integrate it into the vanilla UI.

Permissions and credits

Go Fletch: A Crafting Skill Mod
by Merlord and Remiros

  • Custom Fletching Skill made using Skills Module, acts just like any vanilla skill
  • Craft arrows, bolts and darts
  • Level up to unlock better recipes
  • New items including racer plume arrows and glass darts
  • New arrow/bolt/dart enchantments
  • Over 100 recipes in total

Fletching stations can be purchased from the following locations:
  • Seyda Neen, Arille's Tradehouse
  • Balmora, The Razor Hole
  • Suran Ranosa Gilvayn: Outfitter
  • Tel Moram, Radras: Smith   
  • Tel Aruhn, Aryne Telnim: Smith
Fletching kits can also be crafted using Ashfall's bushcrafting mechanic.


Requires MGE XE, MWSE 2.1 dev, Skills Module and The Crafting Framework
Unzip into your Morrowind folder.


Scripting by Merlord
Models by Remiros

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