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Adds a handful of new backgrounds to Merlord's character backgrounds. Some provide more of a flying start, but they all have harsher setbacks or challenges for later.

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*Part of the Morrowind May Modathon Month 2020*

More character backgrounds for Merlord's character backgrounds
An MWSE-lua mod

– Features

Adds more backgrounds to Merlord's character backgrounds. Six specialized mages, and the horrible challenge of being a known axe murderer. These backgrounds are meant to be more of a challenge mode as they disable parts of the game in favor of giving you a more "flying start".

– Installation

MGE XE v0.10.1 or later with MWSE 2.1
Merlord's character backgrounds

Drop the MWSE folder into your "Data Files" folder, there is no .esp-file to activate.

This mod is incompatible with mods that delete vanilla spells.

– Backgrounds

1: Axe murderer 
A massive bonus to axe skill, a steel axe, and a huge bounty that will never go away. Guards will attack you on sight. Not recommended for new players.

2: Chapel mage's apprentice
Bonus to Restoration, and you start with a restore strength, restore fatigue, and cure disease spell. Destruction spells disabled.

3: Death mage's apprentice
Bonus to Destruction, and you start with a damage fatigue, weakness to poison, and poison attack spell. Conjuration spells disabled.

4: Necromancer's apprentice
Bonus to Conjuration, and you start with a summon skeletal minion, summon least bonewalker, and turn undead spell. Alteration spells disabled

5: Tactical mage's apprentice
 Bonus to Alteration, and you start with a feather, jump, and open lock spell. Illusion spells disabled.

6: Court mage's apprentice
Bonus to Illusion, and you start with a calm humanoid, paralysis, and invisibility spell. Mysticism spells disabled.

7: Portal mage's apprentice 
Bonus to Mysticism, and you start with a mark, recall, and soul trap spell. Restoration spells disabled.

Note: The normal spells given any player based on their majors or magic school skill level at the start of the game is not touched. So for the chapel mage, you'll get your "starter heal spell" in the normal way in addition to these spells, and so on for all the other backgrounds too.

– Background

I've had so much fun with Merlord's character backgrounds, and I wanted more. I've had hundreds of new games since Morrowind was released, so I know the starter game like the back of my hand. Getting a handful of new spells from the get go makes for a faster and more interesting intro, while missing a spell school or similar makes for interesting choices or challenges to be made in the later game.

Thanks to Bethesda for making Morrowind, probably the most intricate RPG-sandbox ever.
Thanks to NullCascade for making MWSE-lua, a more civil way to script mods for Morrowind.
Thanks to Merlord for Merlord's character backgrounds.
Thanks to the Morrowind Modding Community for your help in deciphering how to do some of this stuff