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Adds bandits, highwaymen, pick-pockets, muggers, fences, bounty hunters, companions to the wilderness, a few in inns and dark alleys of towns. In-game configuration to enable/disable npcs.

Permissions and credits

DISCLAIMER - mod not supported anymore
This mod is now superseded by Friends And Foes that includes both Starfire's and Outlaws with major improvements to both.

- only vanilla assets for outlaws
- new, better balanced loot
- further improvement of Partner scripts
- alignment system gone
- TR: now has Outlaws AND starfire's npcs
- Starfire fully integrated including indoor npcs
- OAAB version

All of the following are optional: you can remove npcs by talking to guards about Outlaws as well remove top-tier gear.

Meet the outlaws:
  • Band of Bandits 
in front of hideouts (attack on sight)
groups of 1 to 4
10% chance to spawn
level: player level - 5 max
  • Highwaymen 
on roads and bridges
50% to demand gold based on their level (roughly +100 gold per level)
might attack on sight, might attack as you get closer
carry more gold than other outlaws, may drop a bandit mask
level: player  level +5 max
  • Muggers
in dark alleys and corners of towns
only prey on the weak (less than level 17)
demand gold, outcome varies (skills, attributes, faction...)
level: 1 to 20 (delevelled!)
  • Fences
in dark alleys and corners of towns, also on the road
will trade anything with anyone but have high mercantile (i.e will rob you blind)
level 1 to 20 (delevelled!)
  • Pick-pockets
in shops and inns
will attempt to steal player's gold, outcome depends on player's sneak and faction (Thieves'Guild)
level 1 to 20 (delevelled!)
  • Friendly travellers: 
only appear if you have Starfire's NPC additions
on roads or inns
  • Adventurers and Beast Companions: 
based on CM_Partners 2.9 (see Installation and Compatibility section if you want both mods)
on roads and inns. (unlike the OG CM_Partners where they were placed in towns)
will join you and level up if they like you well enough
  • Bounty hunters:
on the roads and in towns
will attack he player on sight if they have a bounty of 500 or more
level: player level + 5 max

Get the (balanced) loot :
  • Base Mod:
Outlaws got loot based on their major and minor skills (50% chance) and or class (someone with security may have a lockpick or two, someone with alchemy may have some ingredients, scout may have a lantern, etc...)
Outlaws always have one weapon and some armour pieces they use best.
If you find a mask on an outlaw, you may equip it to try and rob npcs (via dialogue). This is a crime, be sure there are no witnesses.

  • OutlawsTR:
TR gear has been added to the levelled lists.

  • Additional loot IF you have the following mods installed and loaded after Outlaws:
Lucky Coins: very rare coins that grant a small buff as long as you carry them.
Cantrips: Outlaws without spellcasting abilities may have a cantrip.
Lootable Spellbooks: Strong spellcaster may drop  a spellbook that teaches the player a spell.
Enhanced Economics: Weapons, gemstones and ingredients may drop from selected classes.
AshfallScouts may drop camping gear.

The mod is packaged for an easy Wrye Mash installation.
1. Unzip in Data Files or use prefered mod installer
2. Select TR addon if you have Tamriel Rebuilt installed
3. Merge you levelled lists (with tes3cmd, wrye mash or Testool)

Load order!

then in any order...
Outlaws TR
Starfire's NPC addition
Cannibals of Morrowind
Lootable Spellbooks
Lucky Coins

Does not modify vanilla assets, does not modify landscape or interiors, should be compatible with just about everything.

Not incompatible with MCA, Palladin's Bandits, Vvardenfell Bandits or The Hostiles, BUT roads and cave entrances might get very crowded.

Compatible with Antares' brigands, bounty hunter and pick-pockets as well as Abot's merged Animated Morrowind.
Compatible with many loot mods: lucky coins, cantrips, lootable spellbooks, cannibals of Morrowind

ABOUT Cm_Partners 2.9 integration

I kept...
- the partners, their dialogues and scripts: Partners will be your friend, companion or romantic partners. They follow, they level up, they learn new spells and powers
- the alignment system: it only affect how much the Partners like you.
I modified...
- alignment system: no barrels, done through dialogue, option to opt-out
- dialogues and scripts (typos, alignment)
- the inventories of Partners have been tweaked to give variety and make sure they get weapons and armour they actually will use.
- partners (with the exception of Jiub in Seyda Neen) have been removed from towns and will instead randomly appear.
I removed
- the Bitter Coast Cantina with the pirates, skooma den and wrenches.

Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Abot for his tes3cmd/perl script that gave names to all outlaws
Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
Neoptolemus and TrevorDemented whose mods (MCA and The Hostiles) inspired me.
Corsair and MetalGandalf for reporting issues
Lightsourced and Amenophis for the hotfixes in version 1.6
Cutthroat mods who's CM_Partners 2.9 was incorporated and tweaked
Archimaestro Antrares whose mods (bounty-hunters, pick-pockets, muggers, you are being robbed) have been incorporated and expanded on.
Glisp for the additionnal TR beast companions
Zelazko for the startup script fix

Finally to everyone on the Nexus and Discord who provided support and feedback!