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This mod focuses on object variety. The different objects are present in chests and in urns, in cupboards and in drawers, the random item drops will offer much more in variety to your loot collection.

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Link to official Bethesda Forums - Enhanced Economics Thread


This mod focuses on object variety. The different objects are present in chests and in urns, in cupboards and in drawers, the random item drops will offer much more in variety to your loot collection.

Alchemy - 114
Alchemy apparatus - 3
Armour Types - 210
Body Parts - 342
Books = 38
Cells = 3
Clothing = 83
Containers = 20
Enchantments = 106
Ingredients = 16
Leveled Items = 147
Items Miscellaneous = 239
Lights = 14
Lock Picking Items = 1
Repair Equipment = 4
Scripts = 2
Weapons = 208


Uses the random leveled lists to advantage. All loot goes through this way therefore no actual game cells altered. This makes EE compatable with every mod provided you use a leveled list merger.

Many months in development. The most advanced feature is the weapon statistics. Worked to a formula, each weapon now offers unique combat statistics to each aspect. The chop, likely better on axes compared to a scimitar with its curved blade which is likely better in the slash. Over 200 weapons have been added with the strict obeyance to the formula. As you progress though the game you will see the pattern of the formula appear.

No standard weapons altered in any way.

Focus is on alchemy and alongside regular content, LF Libations by Rougetet make an appearance alongside rare and little used artistic resources from around the community. Most come pre-configured so they will stack with original content. Where statistics were set by original artist, as is the case with LFL, all ID's and stats were left untouched.

The alchemy apparatus remains small. Probably same as last version. No bug reports.

Armour is expanded considerably. A screen is included of some types available. Statistics have been accounted and there should be no game unbalancing pieces.

All items have the unique ID of xx_armourpiece_01 or similar and are grouped in the CS as are all the objects of this mod. If you need to personally access any part of this mod it all is grouped with the xx_prefix_01 style.

38 books from around the community.

There are 3 not-ingame cells. These display the weapons for easy access in the CS. All three cells are interior with the prefix of xxee_weapons_01 or something similar.

New additions of clothing. Scoured the net and found some choice pieces to bolster the variety in clothing drops.

A few containers have been altered. Added to various chests are leveled items for chances of more diverse loot. There may also be a few merchant chest upgrades. Pillow containers may have more pillows, some traders some extra loot, gold sacks some gold nuggets, and urns may now have some gems. Again if it's an issue, it can be removed with three clicks thereabouts. But it works for me. Any items will kave a xx_prefix so easy ID. Press ~ in game console and click on any object to see its ID.

There are some enchantments of items and weapons. These are within game limits and not (imo) unbalancing. A personal favorite is low damage constant effect enchantments and weapons with low damage spell effects but a lot of charge. Mostly this is because of the annoying "this weapon is out of charge" message you get after weapons deplete their charge. And some bonus +5 constant type stuff in rings and amulets. that sort of stuff, but not uber equipment.

Ingredients cover some of the things you will find in food baskets and cupboards and sack type places. Added to the random spawn is a collection of basic goods one might commonly find. Sugar, bacon, onions, peas, mushroom, eggs, cheese. That kind of thing.

Some lights have been added. Some of the Paw Print Express variety and a Dracus umbrella and a skull lamp, among other things.

One lockpicking item. Not common these.

It says there are 25 NPC in the EE readout and there are. In a display cell available only in the CS. Take a look if you are curious to some of the armour available.

Repair equipment is a novel addition which offers low quality high yield tools. Hammers, chisels and awl are to be found.

A couple of scripts. One relates to the hanging of pictures and positioning objects. The other is a custom flies sound for the rotten fish. Nothing too interesting.

The real focus has been on weapon drops. Over 200 are added to regular line up. This will indeed boost the variety of your game. Hopefully, each new game will offer new rewards for exploration. Starting a new character will not be tedious. This turns the whole game into a giant dungeon-loot dive with different objects for each play. That said, the drops are leveled so that the game will drop certain things only at higher levels. Some of the more rare items will only occur at higher levels. Everything opens up at @Lv10-30.

Weapon prices have been considered to not be overpriced and game breaking. Most weapons will not be priced above 10g.

A leveled merger like Wrye Mash is needed if you are using other Leveled List mods.

Wherever you found this mod is where you'll find a link to a forum or something to report bugs or voice comment.

The included credits folder offers all the details and original readme of the resources in this mod. Browse and see the artists perspective on many of the items. Any missing credits will be updated immediately.

If you enjoyed this mod please endorse and vote!

Special thankyou to all the fine artists involved in this project. I hope you will be pleased with the presentation of your works.

Enhanced Economics will return again. With even more loot for you to gather!

Link to official Bethesda Forums - Enhanced Economics Thread

A link to more Crankgorilla mods at GHFGreat House Fliggerty

E-mail - [email protected]

Change Log

Enhanced Economics patch 2.0 to 2.1

- Fixed missing texture to the Dwarven Armour.

- Fixed texture path error/location on Full Glass Helms.

- Changed mushroom weight to lesser and price to suit. Previous stats based on larger than wanted ground model but since it spends 99% of it's time in the inventory it just seems wrong. So now it's based on the regular button mushroom.

Small patch to add missing textures and fix paths not picked up by the auto file assembler. Special thanks to Rendang at the Bethesda Forums for the bug spot.