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Set almost exactly between the great ports of Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, Valenwood and Summerset, the isle of Stirk offers a safe harbor to the many trade ships that sail on the wide Abecean Sea. Though poor and provincial compared to the mighty cities of Cyrodiil, the island thrives on passing trade and the rich fishing grounds that surround it. Formerly ruled by Baron Helvor, an heir of the old Colo-Nordic dynasties, the island is now under the control of an avaricious Heartlands merchant-prince, and a Prefect of the Empire's growing bureaucracy. Each of the three rulers eyes the other with suspicion, and it's no secret among the locals that a conflict is brewing.

Outside the town lies the island itself, a hilly wilderness consisting of thick undergrowth, lonely beaches and tall, twisted trees. To the north lie the white ruins of Wormusoel, an ancient Ayleid fortress said to be connected to other places on the island through hidden tunnels. Near the island's center one can find ancient Colovian barrows where the saints and heroes of the Cyrod lie buried, their contents undisturbed since the days of Rislav Larich. Beneath the surface of the waves, the lightless ocean floor awaits those brave enough to explore its hidden depths.

The Province: Cyrodiil Team is proud to present the second release in our efforts at bringing the province of Cyrodiil to the world of TESIII: Morrowind. It represents the work of many talented modders over the past few years and includes the following features:
- 80+ exterior cells of landscape
- 60+ interior cells, including the thriving fishing town of Stirk, beacon of Imperial civilization in the west
- Specially-modelled exterior and interior assets to flesh out the locations of Cyrodiil, including towns, Ayleid ruins, Colovian barrows, and more
- Dozens of NPCs with extensive dialogue, as well as 4 new quests in the classic Morrowind style, with branching choices, consequences, and rewards
- New books, armor, clothing, weapons, and more

Installing the Mod:

Copy all contained files into your Data Files folder. Make sure to have at least Tamriel_Data Version 03 installed. Tick PC_Main.esp in your launcher. If you use MGE and you wish to use MGE-animated grass, do not tick the PC_Main_Grass.esp in the launcher, but only use it, when generating distant lands.

Playing the Mod:
Speak with Titus Corilex at the very edge of the Ebonheart Docks to travel to the Stirk Harbor, and speak with Quintex Doralis at the docks to travel back to Ebonheart.

Known issues:
Using original morrowind, being taken prisoner crashes the game. It works with OpenMW.
Using original morrowind, the ingame map will not follow the player to the new landmass. It works with OpenMW.
Using original morrowind, npcs and creatures show jittery body parts. This does not happen with OpenMW. Only OpenMW does not have distant land and animated grass (yet).

Future Updates:
Future releases will include a main quest for the Stirk area, offering the player the chance to combat the growing pirate menace on Stirk while allying with one of the three ruling powers in Cyrodiilic politics: the honorable, yet impoverished Colovian nobility, the enlightened, rational bureacracy, or the ruthless merchant caste of the eastern Nibenay. This will also be accompanied by a beta release of the already completed southern Gold Coast, featuring landscapes and dungeons from Anvil to the borders of Kvatch County, and including the township of Brina Cross. If you’d like to get involved with where things are, please follow the links below.

About Province: Cyrodiil:
We have been working on bringing the lands of Cyrodiil to TES:3 for almost ten years. The Cyrodiil we aim to make is our own interpretation, rather than a copy of Bethesda’s work in TES:4. Based on lore from the Pocket Guides to the Empire and other additional sources, we’ve based our creations on what you might expect from having played Morrowind rather than later games in the series. A comprehensive and sustained effort from model-makers, landscape designers, interior-fiddlers and quest-wranglers has allowed for this latest anniversary release.

If you would like to join us in the effort to bring Skyrim to life, please find us at
Alternatively, come hang out in the Project Tamriel Discord:, the best place to chat with our team or find out what the latest progress is.