About this mod

This mod improves several vanilla dungeons aesthetically and/or expands them.

Permissions and credits
Mines & Caverns
by Jsp25

09/03/21 - Version 6.2

1) Overview

    This mod improves several vanilla dungeons aesthetically and/or expands them.   
    No vanilla models are replaced and no vanilla npcs are modified. About exterior cells; except for a few exceptions, nothing has been modified.
    They're marked as changed only because I had to move door markers.

    It features a day/night lighting sistem; the dungeons with cracked ceilings will have it's lighting changed at 18:00 (night) and at 6:00 (day).
    Some torches will lit/unlit at the same time.

    So far, it includes:

 Mines (11/12)

Massama Cave
Dunirai Caverns
Mausur Caverns
Sudanit  (minor changes to "Ashlands, 0, 4")

 Caverns (48/92)
Mount Kand Cavern
Shurinbaal  (minor changes to "Bitter Coast Region, -10, 2")
Beshara  (minor changes to "Ascadian Isles, 6, -10")
Zainsipilu  (minor changes to "Bitter Coast Region, -4, -7")
Tin-Ahhe  (minor changes to "Ashlands, 5, 12")
Nund  (minor changes to "Ascadian Isles, 5, -12")
Minabi, Bandit Lair (only fixed a few issues)
Ainat  (only fixed a few issues)
Hassour, Shrine  (only fixed a few issues)
Yasamsi  (minor changes to "Bitter Coast Region, -6, -6" and "Rethan Manor, Berendas' House")
Aharnabi  (minor changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 19, -8")
Masseranit  (merged with Mul Grotto)
Nallit  (minor changes to "Grazelands Region, 13, 7")
Odirnamat  (minor changes to "Sheogorad Region, 8, 20")
Yesamsi  (minor changes to "Ashlands, -5, 15")
Maba-Ilu (merged with Almurbalarammi)
Yakanalit (minor changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 10, -11")
Salmantu (minor changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 19, -3", "Salmantu, Shrine" and Arenim Ancestral Tomb)
Zanabi  (minor changes to "Bitter Coast Region, -7, -2")
Odaishah  (minor changes to "Ashlands, 2, 1")
Panat  (changes to "Ascadian Isles, 0, -6" and "Pelagiad, 0, -7")

   Grottos (6/11)

Zalkin  (landscape changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 20, -4/ 19, -3" and "Holamayan, 19,-4")
Vassamsi  (minor changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 15, 8")
Mul  (minor changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 11, -10/ 10, -10/ 10, -9")

   Daedric Ruins

Ashalmawia (lightning changes in "Ashalmawia, Sunken Vaults")
Ald-Sotha (only lighting changes in "Ald Sotha, Upper Level")
Almurbalarammi (minor changes to "Azura's Coast Region, 15, -10" and "Azura's Coast Region, 16, -9")

2) Optional Files


Adds this fish to three locations; Shurinbaal, Akimaes Grotto and Ilanipu Grotto.
The creature is made by Cait.

   Detailed Dungeons
A compatible version of Detailed Dungeons with Mines&Caverns.
The original mod is not required.

   Julan Ashlander_MC patch
A patch for "Julan, Ashlander Companion" when played along with Mines&Caverns.

   MC_Test Cell
A cell with several NPC's providing teleport to the modified dungeons; accessible through a dwemer door in Seyda Neen.

   MC_Animated Morrowind II

Compatible version of Animated Morrowind II with Mines&Caverns.
The original mod is not required.

3) Compatibility

    - It should be compatible with everything that doesn't edit the same interior cells.
    - It is compatible with Morrowind Rebirth (minor conflicts in Ashlands, -5, 15 and Pelagiad, 0,-7); load it before Mines&Caverns.
    - It is compatible with Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins and Dwemer Rebirth Project.
    - It is compatible with Julan, Ashlander Companion, by using the patch in the optional files
    - It is compatible with Detailed Dungeons, by using the compatible version in the optional files
    - It is compatible with Animated Morrowind and Animated Morrowind Expanded
    - It is compatible with Animated Morrowind II, by using the compatible version in the optional files

      NOT compatible with...
    - True Light and Darkness; this mod doesn't affect the new cells of M&C. Use the Mines&Caverns version of Darker Morrowing instead
    - Bloated Caves; use the Mines&Caverns version of Bloated Morrowind Magnified instead

    For more information about compatibility with other dungeon mods visit:

4) Disclaimer

    I'm not responsible if this mod messes up your save game or something. It's always good to have a back up copy of it.
    Cleaned with TES3CMD and Enchanted Editor.

5) Bugs

    None that I know of. Report them if there's any.

6) Credits


London Rook - The Outlander Library

Arcimaestro Antares - Animated Morrowind II (animated miners)
Articus - Animated Sky
Articus - Lavafall Improved
GDR Team - Greater Dwemer Ruins Resources (spiral stairs, handrail)
Greatness7/ Melchior Dahrk/ TheDrunkenMudcrab - Expedition to Mzelthuand (chainlink wall, steps)
Lougian - Light rays
Lougian - Various resources
Melchior Dahrk - Dire Flame Atronach
Melchior Dahrk - Mud rocks, rose candles and velothi brazier
Midgetalien - Dwemer Resources I (dwemer lantern)
Momo77 - Momo's fishery resource for Morrowind (fishes hanging/beheaded, fish net, rope)
Rattfink333 - Dark Brotherhood tapestry
RedFurryDemon - Ballista projectile model
Resdayn Revival Team  - Rock garden, Dunmer tables with stands and vials
Rubberman - Broken Vanilla Crates
Rubberman - New dunmer furniture
Stabbey_the_Clown - Coil of Rope
Tamriel_Data - Broken crates, water barrels, dres tapestry, rich dunmer desk
Team Cutie Kagouti  - Adamantium Rapier
Team Drama Kwama - Kogoruhn Expanded (mtpeak, 6th House banner)
The Wanderer - Sitting skeleton
Yar-Yulme - Dwarven Creatures (centurion2)

   Armor/Weapon/Item mods

Archeopterix - Sword of Black Marsh
CryptsOfTheDead - Book of Disease
Cydriic - Dark Dwemer Armor
Kieve  - Aundae Sentinel Armor
Meej-Dar - Argonian Lore
Poodemon - Dwemer Loot (dwemer saber and keys)
Silaria - Sil's Pottery
The inwah & anoldfriend - Wooden Longbows (black and brown bow)
Turelek - Daedric Broadsword

   House/Dungeon mods
Aaron Dickey - Nehfaern Shrine
alari - Pearl Cavern
alexmercer984 - Beshara Hideout
Alex Strada - Ashinarba
Arimon - Hla Oad Shack
artimis fowl the third - Caves of the Bitter Coast
Athkarni - Tomb of Lord Athkarni
Bladecutter - Poor Man's Shack
Camobrad - Small Dwemer Ruin
Captain Teddy - Driftwood Shack
Corsair83 - Severa Magia DB Fix
dagothagahnim - Secret Lair
Dalin - Tos Caverns
Darkelfguy - Bthidnzel
Deathman101 - Aamstergash
Denina - Gnaar Mok Shack Home
Eldermaster28 - Detailed Dungeons
FW - Temple of Malcha
Glymfeather - Nasty Old Shack-House
Hedup - Dwemer Watchtower
iguar - Kamienny Las
istred - Ashmelech Reborn
Itachi62 - Hidden Dwemer Building
Kal-El - Abandoned Dwemer Lighthouse
Kurith - Thieves' Cave
LazyLoser - Clean Cliffside Cave
Melchior Dahrk - Oshan Grotto
mike - Abandoned Smuggler Cave
Mister Noogie - Rat Shrine
Mosrael - Archnalteg
PCC aka Blockhead - Caldera Cave Spot
PCC aka Blockhead - Knaarus
PCC aka Blockhead - Tunnels of Tgorvaz
Pekka - The Caldera Ancient Mine
Podesta - Gnaar Mok Shack
ReneMiner - Schlammhöhlen
Scrooluse - Balmora Cave Mystery
Serg9408 - Dwemer House
SoulofChrysamere - Dungeon Expansion Pack
TelShadow - Darkshade Caverns
TelShadow - Hermdoral Ruin
TelShadow - Jrirtes Fort
TelShadow - Vassir-Didanat Mine - Clutter Monkey Overhaul
Unknown - Dwemer Base
Unknown - Freebooter's Cave
Unknown - Mzuleftingnah
Unknown - Sidhe Barrowhouse
VaguelySpecific - Sacartia
Vihart - Balmora Cave Hideout
wytch - Bradhia
Xereau - The Deepest Chasm

(Original readmes included in the mod)