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Darkens all interior cells and increases radius of all light sources. Light and shadows become more dynamic, locations that had very little light are a lot darker now, and places where there are no light sources at all are now truly dark! There is also sunlight though (some) windows.

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True Lights and Darkness 1.1

Released 2011-07 by B00ze, [email protected]

This is a mod for Morrowind + Expansions (Bloodmoon and Tribunal). It is the "completion" of a project by Cool Demon that unfortunately he could not finish.

The goal of the mod is better explained by the original author:

ORIGINAL True Light and Darkness README

True Lights and Darkness 0.5
By Cool Demon (:[email protected])
Resurrected courtesy of BungaDunga

“In the original Morrowind package, light didn't play any large role. Almost every internal location was lighted, even if there were no lights nearby. The lights that existed had very little effect on the environment and their range was very limited. Abilities like Kajiit night vision, light spells and moveable lights had very little impact in game play (you could basically do without them through the entire game).
The True Lights and Darkness mod changes all of that! Light will become much more dynamic, locations that had very little lights are a lot darker now, and places where there are no light sources at all are now truly dark! There will not only be more darkness, there will be also more light effects like Daylight shining though windows. All together you have a more atmospheric light experience. Next time you go investigate some dark caverns or tombs, you are advised to have lights available."

And since I've included Byblos' colored candles, here's his readme:

ORIGINAL Lights 300 by Byblos README

What It does:

Reworks all lights in the game to be more colorfull, dynamic, magical and realistic.

Colorfull, Dynamic, and Magical:

Red Candlesticks now have red flames and light, and are called Ruby Candles, Green have Green flames and light, and are called Emerald, same with all other colors. Plus there are now a few new types of candles, Black candles with red flames are Called Daedric Candles, White Candles with white flames are Aedric Candles. To see a difference, go to Riv-var in Balmora, All of his Purple (Amythist) Candles will now give his shop a magical feel instead of their old orange glow.


1) All interior locations have been darkened; sunlight is now mininal; caves have zero light.
2) The radius of most light sources you can see (e.g. candles) has been increased by a large factor.
3) Sunlight has been added to some windows (a version without these sunlights is included).


My apologies I forgot to "dontsaveobject" all those daylights - now fixed; your savegame size will not increase with TLAD anymore. This obviously affected only the version WITH the daylights.


The main point of the new version of the mod is that it now applies to Morrowind and both expansions. It is now an Ambiance and Light enhancement mod only; all objects related to sneak-bonuses have been removed (there was nothing active anyway; it was incomplete) and it has been cleaned with TESTool.

Also, scripted sunlights (so very few) have a new script that no longer interferes with ASE and gives less sunlight in cloudy to rainy conditions. I made a version without the sunlights too, in case you're using another mod that does the same thing. I've also included the excellent color enhancements of the Byblos Lights 300 mod into TLAD.

Finally, I've toned-down the light radius changes that were in version 0.5. The light radius "boost" the mod gives to all lights now takes into account the original Morrowind radius, instead of being based solely on the type of light (e.g. tripple candles all with same radius in TLAD v0.5). The result is better shadows, more realistic, softer and subtler lights; it looks more natural.

To benefit from this mod you must be using quadratic light attenuation. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use Jeoshua's solution (see Readme inside archive for more information and for the settings).

It is also recommended you use the Morrowind Code Patch and enable the Lighting Fixes Group, so that the light held by your PC is not doubled (causing everyone to glow when you approach them).


- Removed any reference to sneak bonus/penalties; now all it does is lights and ambiance.
- Incorporated Byblos Lights300's color and name changes (nothing else; use Light300 itself to pickup Firepits etc).
- Changed names so that all candles etc group together in your inventory (e.g. Silver Candle -> Candle Silver).
- Applied darkening to all BM/TB expansion interior cells (but kept original "tint" of light so mood is not lost).
- Tweaked radius of all light sources; more than plain morrowind, but less and more subtle than original TLAD v0.5.
- Increased time for candles, torches and lanterns (so there is no need to carry a 6 pack of torches around).
- Fixed all scripted sunlight(s) so they take weather into account (no longer interferes with ASE lightning effects).

There are 3 types of torches and 3 types of travel lanterns:

Torch400 radius 1800s
Torch High Quality500 radius 3600s
Torch Poor300 radius900s
Travel Lantern350 radius 5400s
Travel Lantern Bullseye500 radius 14400s
Travel Lanter Poor256 radius 3600s


As a bonus, I am including a "TLAD" version of the amazing Mudcrab Island (v1.02) mod's ESP, by Phaedrus.

I've darkened the rooms, added some lights and fixed/tweaked a few things.

To use it, you will need to get the full Mudcrab Island mod, and instead of using the mod's original esp, use TLAD's.