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A compilation of small tweaks, fixes and patches that can be usefull to others.

Permissions and credits
Cait's Critters Unleashed Revamped:

- Upscaled textures (from 256px to 1k), fixed meshes, improved UV (as mutch as possible)
- Include an replacer that remove all landscapes and clutters edits, in order to improve it's compatibilty with other mods
- Also include another esp replacer with a "vanilla friendly version", that add critters only in imperial places (Dagon Fel, Pelagiad, Caldera, Seyda Neen, Wolverine Hall)
- original mod required : - overwrite the original assets with my fixed ones, then choose if you want one of the two esp included

Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince Patches:

- RR Mod Series Better Ships and Boats (esp replacer, original mod required)
- Cait's Squirrels : remove the white version that was on Solstheim, as TOTSP comes with its own squirrels (original assets required :
- Cait's Penguins (assets included as the original mod is pretty impossible to found on the web)
- Mills of Morrowind (based on Abot's version, original assets required : It also make the timber trees of each mill consistent with the trees of their area, and make the mod's meshes using vanilla textures and having proper UV and collision boxes.

Traveling merchant's bag improved:

- New UV, repeatable upscaled texture, icon with transparency and smoothed brace (original mod required, you can use this fix in addition :

Septim Gold and Dwemer Dumacs Patches:

- Replace vanilla gold meshes that you can found in some mod's assets with the one coming from Septim Gold and Dwemer Dumacs (original mod required : Following mods are covered:
- Animated Morrowind
- Hold It
- Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell
- Passage of Prayers - High Fane Corridor Overhaul

Pluginless Beast bodies:

- Pluginless version of beast bodies, for argonians and khajiits.

Mackom's Khajiit Whiskers:

- Add stencil properties to Mackom's Khajiit heads, to make their whiskers visible by behind (original mod required)

RR Holamayan Monastery and Mines and Caverns Patch:

- Esp replacer for RR Holamayan that fix a landscape issue between it and Mines & Caverns by jsp25

Kalamestari replacers merged:

- A merged version of the plugins of all Kalamestari replacers - 5 weapons, 4 armors (, original mods required)

Silt Strider Overlapping fix:

- Move a bit the Silt Striders in Suran and Ald'ruhn to avoid dock's overlapping when using Silt Strider By Nwahs and Mushrooms Team

Smoothed pipe restored:

- Give back to RR - Better Meshes Pipe a Vanilla Friendly look (see screenshoot)

TR and PT distant land warnings fix:

- Remove the harmless warnings that appear when generating distant land with TR and PT

Waterfowl of Morrowind - Great Scathes:

- Remove ducks from sulfur lakes (original mod required:

- Also include upscaled textures (x2), to be used with or without the patch