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Find 165 Crystal Eggs hidden in Morrowind dungeons. Optional addons for displays and hints.

Permissions and credits

Once upon a time in 2003...
  • Clavis created a modder's resource: 165 crystal eggs.

  • Bryss Phoenix with Fliggerty's help hid these eggs across Vvardenfell dungeons.
Once discovered, eggs of the same type can be bought from traders.

  • Inspired by the mod, Drakkmore created new textures for the eggs

  • And Drakolous created all 165 icons for each egg.

Forward to 2013, Denina...
  • bundles up the mod and its addons for simplicity of use.
  • creates a DIY display that lets people add the sorter to their home with some simple Construction Set magic.
You will need to merge this mod with the house mod of your choice and set up the display how you want it but the display I made should make that relatively easy. See the document for detailed instructions and notes.
  • adds a Mines and Caverns version of the Egg Hunt
Requires Mines & Caverns by jsp125
  • updates the documentation
There are two cheat files. One is for the OG hunt, the second one is for the Mines & Caverns version. It tells where all the eggs are located should you need help finding them. Some have tricky placements and may not be easily seen. You will need Night Eye, Telekinesis and Levitation at times to find these.

Present day, Danae...
  • keeps failing at finding eggs so...
  • she creates an addon to help: a message that pops up once for a few seconds when the player enters a dungeon with an egg.
You'll know there IS an egg, but no other hint.
  • a hint book with more detailed information, waiting for you in Tel Branora, Therana's tower (based on the cheat sheets)

  • a Therana special display: watch the kwama eggs in Therana's tower turn into crystal eggs as you discover them.

You keep the egg you've found of course, but you cannot pick up Therana's.
  • a fully modular install so you can have the hunt you want (vanilla or Mines and Caverns), the display you want (DIY or Therana) and the hints you want (pop-up message or book)
  • Made the trader containers invisible to be compatible with city overhauls such as BCOM.

  • Select 00 Core
  • Choose either 01 Vanilla OG version or 01 Mines and Caverns Compatible
  • (optional) chose either 02 Display DIY (you need to add the display to your house in the CS) or 02 Display Therana (eggs just appear as you find them)
  • (optional) enable 03 Messages in dungeons for pop up messages in cells with an egg
  • (optional) enable 04 Hint book Therana to get a hint book in Therana's tower.
  • (optional) enable 05 Retex by Drakkmore if you prefer the look

Recommended Mod
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Bryss Phoenix - Mod idea, egg placements, egg names
Fliggerty - scripts on eggs
Clavis - Crystal egg resource (models and textures)
eBay's gem section for the pictures that the textures were based on.
Drakolous - Icons for all 165 eggs
Kittybrod  - help with names and scripts
Drakkmore: egg retexture

Denina: DIY sorter and display and Mines and Caverns compatible version
Kiteflyer61 and Spirithawke: scripting help (sorter and display)
Danae: Message in dungeons and hint book, Therana display, screenshots