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Uber Crystal Egg Hunt mod display resource - Please see read me for detailed instructions to play this mod.

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Version 2.1

Updated to be compatible with Mines & Caverns v6.1 by jsp25. All files to play are included.

Version 2.0

I've been playing with the Uber Crystal Egg Hunt mod for years. Back in 2013, I made the display resource (with a little help from my friends) and a couple months ago I discovered the excellent Mines & Caverns mod by jsp25 and found it to be incompatible with the Uber Crystal Egg Hunt so I fixed some of the egg locations to make it compatible. I obtained permission from Bryss Phoenix to re-release her mod with the update.

This mod has been updated to be compatible with Mines & Caverns mod v 5.5 by jsp25. That mod can be downloaded here: If you'd like to use the display cases, then this must be combined with a house mod in order to be used. The read me document includes detailed instructions on how to combine this with your mod. Version 2.0 contains all the egg meshes, textures and icons and can be used for both versions of the display resource.

If you don't want a nice display, then you can just plug the .esp in and play and still hunt for the eggs, but you'd be missing out on the lovely display for it.


Version 1.0

For those who use The Uber Crystal Egg Hunt mod, you acquire all these beautiful eggs, but aligning them just right on a display can be frustrating. Add these display cases to one of your mods (such as a house mod) and all frustration is eliminated.

This adds 11 display cases with 15 eggs each for the purpose of setting up a lovely display to your mod of choice (I will use it in a house mod). These are scripted so that the eggs will automagically show up on the proper shelf when you sort them. Lengthy Read Me outlining details and instructions for use is included. I hope you enjoy the display.

The screenshot here is how they appear in the cell in the CS to give you an example of how nice they can look. This is a very script-intensive resource so if you're not familiar with scripting, make sure you read the Read Me. The scripts are lengthy so proceed cautiously with any changes.

I have a beast of a computer and I suffered no frame rate hit at all in the same cell with all the display cases fully loaded. I do not know what impact there may be on lower end systems so you may want to coc in the game cell to test before adding to your own mod.