MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Increases Warzone bonus objective reward per unit killed at end of mission by 700% (8x).

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(This is the standard version of this mod; with another version existing called “Increased Warzone Rewards (Light)”, which has an increase of 250% (3.5x), instead. Please see that mod for a less generous payout for those using powerful ‘mech mods, or for those wanting a less substantial payout, outright. (Find it here: .))


This was made as Warzone missions appeared to have no other purpose than to battle and leave... *WITHOUT* seeking bonus rewards due to how minimal they were. With this mod, players should be *far* further incentivized to earn more by staying and risking critically damaging parts of their 'mech(s), or losing one or multiple ‘mechs entirely.

The mod has been balanced to act as great-enough incentive to make risking acquiring any bonus rewards of Warzones greater and more valuable than simply finishing the mission and starting a new one (with their high base payout), while not being so generous as to disincentivize taking on any other kinds of missions.


This mod has a very low chance to interfere with other mods, but may conflict with mods that alter mission files. (One notable example is (now confirmed) Coyote's Mission Pack (CMP). Thankfully, that mod has a lot of variety on its own.) The mod may still work if loaded with a higher priority than CMP (for example), however, although I have not verified this for myself as I am not currently using CMP. (For information on mod order loading, see this link to a/the Load Order Manager mod, which can manage mod load orders via a GUI, if you are unsure of how to do it manually, or want to simplify the process: .)

I hope you enjoy! (I was very glad to have found the parameters necessary for this! It makes Warzones feel much better, as well as more interesting!)


Please be aware that I have already started to look into seeing if I can figure out how to work with Mod Options to incorporate a slider, as that would be excellent for player control. I may not be successful as I have a hard time understanding Unreal Engine 4 and I am not very talented at it, but I will do my best if I pursue it.