MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Increases airstrike radius; increases number of strikes; and increases radius of each strike.

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**Update (Mar. 15th, 2023)! (This mod was previously only available on Steam.)**

- Altered distribution of strikes to be more evenly distributed. (Strikes naturally tend to have fewer instances the further out from the epicentre they are. With this update, more strikes will impact the outermost area than before - with a more even coverage overall.)
- Slightly increased radius of strike from 180m to 200m
- Increased number of strikes from 100 to 120

- I was able to find the parameters for increasing the radius of the strike ring reticles. As a result, the scale of the rings has been increased to closely reflect the strike's radius. (Hooray!!)

Enjoy. :)


The airstrike felt too small to be useful, as it served seemingly no purpose except for demolishing buildings. With the increased radius and strike coverage of this new version, airstrikes are now much better at hitting a larger area where 'mechs might be; allowing the ability to be viable for assassination missions, warzone missions, and beachheads - if not more.

- Radius has increased from 80m to 200m
- Number of strikes has increased from 60 to 120
- Radius of each strike has increased from 30m to 45m

- Targeting ring has had visibility increased, as it appeared a bit too dim at times
- Targeting ring sizes have been increased to closely reflect radius of strike

Due to the new, increased size of the strike, be careful when you use this! Also, it can be useful to order your lance to a specific location so that they don't get caught in the crossfire.

Please enjoy! :)