Mass Effect Legendary Edition

About this mod

Expanded Shepard Armory mod unlocks helmetless versions of the official DLC armors to players who wish to use them and see their Shepard's faces; as well as adds additional armors and casual outfits ported from Mass Effect 1, 3 and Andromeda.

Permissions and credits
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Finally, at long last, after so many port requests, so many questions, DMs, tags, coming to the Legendary Edition, Shepards of both genders shall be able to enjoy the official DLC armors (Inferno, Collector, Cerberus, Terminus and Blood Dragon) without a helmet! Additionally, several new armors from Mass Effect 1 and 3 have been ported back in, all with BRAND NEW textures and materials. Welcome to Expanded Shepard Armory Legendary Edition, REMASTERED for you, the player, and also you, the modder (more on that later).

Expanded Shepard Armory adds additional "Chest" options to Shepard locker which include all of the DLC armors without helmet. Since these new "chests" already include legs, arms and shoulders; new options for removing those have been added to the end of each section of the locker. They are easily recognizable by the name "None". The original full body armors remain untouched, meaning you can swap between full body and helmetless, whenever you have access to the armor locker. The new armors lack voice modulation and can be combined with whichever regular headgear you want. Did you ever wish to use the Kuwashii Visor and Cerberus Armor together? Now you can! Don't forget to tint your headgear to match your new helmetless armors. Although you might be tempted to try some of the new headgear too!

Moreover, Expanded Shepard Armory includes several new casual outfits, taken from Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda. These outfits are available for both genders and should provide a new touch to your Shepard while on the Normandy for your next Mass Effect 2 run.

IMPORTANT LEGENDARY EDITION NOTICE. Gear that is NOT Cerberus branded MUST NOW BE ACQUIRED through in-game means. Casual outfits and armors are now in most cases found on stores across the Citadel and Omega so players can acquire them early on in their playthroughs. There is two extra sets of Cerberus armors to be researched on the Tech Lab, so make sure to give some use to those damned minerals! NEW 2.0! An extra Cerberus design has made its way to the prototypes section of the Tech Lab.

There is an exception with some gear that has a unique ways to be acquired by just playing the game. Will your Shepard earn them?

The entire vanilla wardrobe has been reworked and some of the vanilla options are now on stores since Bioware added them without any explanation. However, ESA offers even MORE default gear, simply, Cerberus branded. No content has been removed from the game, simply relocated and at affordable places and locations.

NEW 2.0: Terran Fashion Kiosk! Deleia Sanassi has been overwhelmed for the past months with her catalogue being flooded with lots of Earther fashion. She has set up a new kiosk at Citadel Souvenirs handled by a charming Shopping Assistant VI. Find all of your casual clothes of Earth at Terran Fashion now. Citadel Souvenirs discounts apply. Note: Shopping VI is not localized into Polish language due to the necessary lines not having been recorded. The VI is fully localized into English, French, Italian and German.

NEW 2.2: Choose your gear on landing! You asked for it. You begged for an alternative to the breathers. You wished you could dress however you want for the Kasumi party. Well, here it is now. ESA finally introduces armor/casual selection when selecting to land on any Galaxy map location. DLCs included and supported. Armor/casual appearance selection will also show up when entering the VIP area of Afterlife. Rock out your best galas! Due to this new feature, the Kasumi DLC Tuxedo/Dress are now available for purchase on Terran Fashion at the Citadel.


New Default Gear: from now Shepard will wake up both on Lazarus Station and on Project Base (Arrival) on their undies, instead of Cerberus casuals. This option is overriden in New Game+ saves, as whatever you were wearing before import will take precedence. Moreover, the armor Shepard will get from the locker at the beginning of the game will be the Cerberus Ajax one and not N7. Furthermore, when landing on planets or areas in which a breather is needed, the game will not default to the N7 helmet if not wearing a full helmet, but to a Cerberus issued breather instead. N7 gear will still be unlocked after playing through the Lazarus Station and can be selected for Freedom's Progress as normal.

NEW! 2023! Expanded Squadmate Armory has been released allowing squadmates to wear some of this mod's armor sets. Make sure to check it out!


This mod REQUIRES to be installed with the latest ME3Tweaks Mod Manager version by Mgamerz. Make sure you let it update to the latest build after installation, in order to make sure that alternate files are correctly installed.

Installation of the Unofficial LE2 Patch 0.9.5+ is mandatory. There are some master texture dependencies that rely on the patch, as well as fixes that go through several of ESA's files. Make sure you are not using an outdated version of the patch, or you will experience several broken textures across the entire game.

Starting with version 2.5.2, installation of LE2 Prologue Framework is mandatory and required.

The mod is in DLC form, so its installation is as simple as drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager and let it work its magic. This mod is INCOMPATIBLE with any BASEGAME Coalesced mods. I am sorry but I am not going to support butchering the main config file of the game. So, if you run into issues, please check you are using a vanilla Coalesced first of all. Moreover, despite whatever the author of IVAP claims, both mods are incompatible, and I WILL NOT SUPPORT any report coming from having both mods installed in any way. Furthermore, the patch was created without my consent.

So you are a modder creating outfits and would love to have them featured on a store as well? Afraid of coding one? Not wanting to bother with all the sequencing required? Patching hell? ESA framework is an OPEN resource for any modder that wants their creations to be available as purchases through this mod. What does this mean? You release your mod with your models, your textures, even your descriptions and/or stats, and you contact me telling me where you wish your creation to be available and under which conditions. We would settle on your mod having an UNIQUE in-memory bool that ESA will then use to check if the catalogues should display your content based on your mod presence. What do I require from you? JUST A SINGLE PICTURE of your creation. You keep your assets, your downloads and even donations if you are into that. A good deal, right? Just make sure to contact me and we can settle on the details. Welcome to a new area of BUILT-IN COMPATIBILITY for those who care for it. Those who don't, fair enough, but do not expect me to patch further when the framework has been created for ALL.

Recommended complimentary mods

  • Expanded Armor Colors by me: this mod ports the LE3 expanded selection of Armor Colors to LE2.
  • (ME2LE) No Headgear for Squadmates by ThaliaGraces: this mod removes (or alters) the headgear on squadmates' Alternate Appearance Pack armors.
  • EGM Armors for LE2 and LE3 by Kinkojiro: this mod adds the Initiative Armors from Ark Mod and MP Armors from EGM all set up as a brand new DLC Mod for LE2. Includes T5-V Battlesuit, N7 Pathfinder, Initiative Spearpoint, N7 Slayer and many more.
  • Leather Jacket for Femshep LE2 by rngdshep: this mod adds 2 custom leather jacket outfits to femshep's locker. Support added in 1.1.
  • Morning's Pants Outfits and Stuff LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod adds a new batch of outfits that contains pants and similar stuff from Sims CC Creators and Original Sims Content as buyable Casual Clothes for FemShep. Support added in 1.2.
  • Morning's Pants Outfits for Men LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod adds a bunch of outfits from Sims CC creators and original sims content as buyable Casual Clothes for MaleShep. Support added in 1.2.
  • Outfits for FemShep LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod adds a bunch of outfits as store buyable casual clothes for FemShep. Support added in 1.2.
  • Morning's Dresses and Skirts LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod adds a new batch of outfits that contains dresses and skirts from Sims CC Creators and Original Sims Content as buyable Casual Clothes for FemShep. Support added in 1.2.
  • PALS - Jacob Armour for Shepard(s) (LE2 armor and casual) by Padme4000: this mod gives Shepard Jacob's armour. For all Shepards. As an armour and a casual outfit. Support added in 2.0.
  • New Armors for Femshep LE2 by rngdshep: this mod adds a selection of modified armors for femshep to use in LE2. Support updated in 2.3
  • Morning's PantsOutfits PT2 LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod adds a new batch of outfits that contains pants and similar stuff from Sims CC Creators and Original Sims Content as buyable Casual Clothes for FemShep. Support added in 2.0.
  • Hahne-Kedar Armour Pieces for LE2 by dseszu: this mod adds ME3's Hahne-Kedar Armour Pieces to LE2's Modular Armour System. Support added in 2.0.
  • Morning's Dresses-Skirts PT2 by MorningAngel: this mod adds a new batch of outfits that contains pants and similar stuff from Sims CC Creators and Original Sims Content as buyable Casual Clothes for FemShep. Support added in 2.1.
  • Tenth Street Reds Tattoo by PorkinMemes: this mod is intended for Earthborn Shepards to show off the tattoo that he/she got while running with the tenth street reds but any background of Shepard can use it obviously.
  • Casual Underwear for Femshep by agent56: this mod replaces the weird lacy underwear out with something more practical.
  • Morning's Underwear Retextures for Femshep LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 20 new textures for Femshep Underwear for LE2.
  • Morning's Underwear Retextures for Maleshep LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 15 new textures for Maleshep Underwear for LE2.
  • Morning's Outfits for Maleshep LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 5 new outfits from Darte77 as Casual Clothes for Maleshep LE2. Support added in 2.3.
  • Morning's Outfits for Femshep LE2 PT2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 5 new outfits from Sims CC Creators as Casual Clothes for Femshep LE2. Support added in 2.3.
  • Operative Jumpsuits - LE2 by MurpyMurple: this mod adds new jumpsuit style outfits for male and female Shepards. Six variants including Cerberus, N7, and Spectre themes. Support added in 2.3.
  • Morning's Outfits for Maleshep LE2 PT2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 6 new outfits from Darte77 as Casual Clothes for Maleshep LE2. Support added in 2.4.
  • Morning's Outfits for Femshep LE2 PT3 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 7 new outfits from Sentate, Saurus and Oydis as Casual Clothes for Femshep LE2. Support added in 2.4.
  • Femshep Clothes (LE2) by spiderbabes: this mod adds 13 clothes to Femshep's closet. Support added in 2.4.
  • Morning's Outfits for Femshep LE2 PT4 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 6 new outfits for Femshep using ccs from Darte77, Sifix, Elliesimple, Madlen, Christopher067, and GlitterberrySims. Support added in 2.5.
  • Morning's Summer Outfits for Femshep LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers 5 new summer outfits for femshep using ccs from Lazyeyelids, Sentate, EllieSimple, GlitterberrySims, and Charonlee. Support added in 2.5.
  • Morning's Gown Outfits for Femshep LE2 by MorningAngel: this mod offers gown outfits for Femshep using ccs from Sentate, Slyd, Sifix, Glitterberrysims, Charonlee, Lazyeyelids, Madlen, and Nords. Support added in 2.5.
  • Kaidan Alenko's Armor for Male Shepard (LE2) by clericofshadows: this mod adds a few of Kaidan's LE3 armors as an option for Male Shepard to wear. Support added in 2.5.


Use the Mod Manager to remove the mod. Savegames aren't dependent of it, so it can be safely removed and/or added at any point during your game. Savegames using these armors after uninstallation of the mod will default to the N7 Armor/Cerberus Fatigues, so make sure to reequip your armor/casual of choice.

Known Issues

None. The mod has been throughly tested by several people and should be bug free now. However, in the event of strange behaviors happening regarding the use of the armors, do not hesitate to provide a description of your issues.

Currently the mod is only fully localized in English, Polish, Italian, French and German have not been fully updated to 2.0. It will, however, work with any language of the game. New armors will simply have their descriptions set in English. This may eventually change if enough people provide quality translations.

Although technically not an issue, I feel the need to point out that if you never dress your Shepard at Minuteman Station (after Lazarus), they will arrive to the Normandy on their undies. Dressing Shepard REQUIRES hitting APPLY on the armor locker. It's not a bug if you forgot to dress up...


07/10/2020 - Original OT Public Release
11/07/2020 - N7 Day Release 2.0
05/11/2021 - Final Pre-Legendary Edition Release 3.0
06/21/2021 - Speedrunning Edition Release
07/22/2021 - Legendary Edition Release
07/30/2021 - Hotfix + German and French Localizations
08/02/21 - Support for Leather Jacket for Femshep LE2
10/23/21 - Support for the new version of Leather Jacket for Femshep LE2, Morning's Pants Outfits and Stuff LE2, Morning's Pants Outfits for Men LE2, Outfits for FemShep LE2 and Morning's Dresses and Skirts LE2. Added forward support to the Unofficial LE2 Patch (to be released).
03/01/22 - Entire rework of the backend of the mod. Support for PALS, Morning's Pants Outfits PT2 LE2, New Armors for Femshep and Hahne-Kedar Armour Pieces. Reckoner Knight Armor has been ported, along with Mnemonich Visor, Delumcore Overlay, Securitel Helmet and some extra headwear. A new shopping kiosk handled by a VI for Terran Fashion can be found now within Citadel Souvenirs.
03/02/22 - FemShep will now use the female version of the Death Mask and not the male one. Kudos to dseszu for finding out a bug no one ever noticed?
03/05/22 - Jacob's Armor will now be visible and accessible if using New Femshep Armors AND will not take over as default outfit anymore and will only be accesible after it is researched, as originally intended.
03/13/22 - Support for Morning's Dresses-Skirts PT2 added. Polish localization added.
03/26/22 - Hotfix: corrected some custom powers from not always triggering.
04/29/22 - Armor/Casual Appearance Selection on planetary landing added.
05/01/22 - Hotfix: Acquiring the Securitel Helmet will no longer result in eternally awarding Renegade points to players visiting C-Sec offices.
05/14/22 - Unofficial LE2 Patch Compatible Release
07/21/22 - Included all missing fixes from the original Unofficial LE2 Patch, plus those new ones from version 0.9.1. Fixed male Cerberus General outfit's arms twisting and breaking if using it during Kasumi's loyalty quest.
11/21/22 - Added Italian localization. Added support for Morning's Outfits for Maleshep LE2, Morning's Outfits for Femshep LE2 PT2, New Armors for Femshep LE2 by rngdshep & Operative Jumpsuits - LE2 by MurpyMurple
04/23/23 - Added Support for Morning's Outfits for Maleshep LE2 PT2, Morning's Outfits for Femshep LE2 PT3 and Femshep Clothes (LE2) by spiderbabes. Fixed empty casual outfit entries for people who do not have Operative Jumpsuits - LE2 by MurpyMurple installed on their game. Added New Option to maintain your chosen armor for the Suicide Mission for the entire epilogue, and not just the debrief with the Ilusive Man.
05/31/23 - Hotfix: Terran Fashion's kiosk now properly recognizes installation of "Morning's Outfits for Maleshep LE2 PT2" if installed, instead of a different mod.
06/01/23 - Critical hotfix: yesterday's build was a WIP build that was unfinished and highly likely filled with bugs and placeholder stuff. Please update immediately to this version which only includes yesterday's hotfix, without additional edits.
11/04/23 - Added Support for Morning's Outfits for Femshep LE2 PT4, Morning's Summer Outfits for Femshep LE2, Morning's Gown Outfits for Femshep Clothes LE2, and Kaidan Alenko's Armor for Maleshep (LE2) by clericofshadows.
11/24/23 - Fixed broken native compatibility with my Fish Feeder Mod (the VI will be once again available for purchase at Zakera Cafe).
02/16/24 - Corrected unmatching Italian subtitles with voice lines from the Terran Fashion VI. Russian translation included in the mod thanks to Vice57. Introduced a tutorial to the mod on first usage of any locker during a player's playthrough. Introduced 2 new armor selection screens: right at the beginning during Lazarus Station, so players can decide if to use the default N7 armor or ESA's Cerberus armor; as well as settling on desired casual outfit right from the start; and, at the end of Arrival to ensure your favorite helmet is selected. Built-in compatibility introduced for the Armored Epilogue option with both Cerberus Uniform Consistency Mod and Kelly Restoration Mod by Audemus.
02/18/24 - Adapted latest Unofficial Patch fix to ensure all body armor sets play the radio filter as intended.


You may contact me through the Nexus Forums.

Credits & Acknowledgements

  • Stasismind: how can I start thanking you? ESA became our baby from this beautiful friendship we have formed between each other over lots of curses, bugs, laughs and crying. You have been there for me since the latest OT versions and you deserve as much credit as I for the finalized product. Every new Andromeda based texture is yours to claim, male Spectre gear... Amazing job, always striving for perfection and the best of details. Thank you for being a friend and supporting me and joining me in long voice chats when I needed the most. You are the best to work with, but most importantly, a friend.
  • Ellia/Anshela: without your teeny tiny fix, this mod would not even be working as intended. Proof that the smallest thing in the world can make the biggest change. Thank you for all your testing, saves, shared laughs with THE bug, being a shoulder to cry on and being there to listen to my rants. You are the best.
  • Kinkojiro: the true MVP. You made sure the OT mod would work, and now have helped me with the new part that eluded me while working in conjunction with your projects. A pleasure and I hope for more contributions on the future. LE modding is looking bright. Thank you for allowing the inclusion on ESA of the expanded research framework.
  • JadeBarker: thank you for the support and feedback.
  • Jenya66: thank you for all the support and cursed memes. You are my favorite Pokémon and that goes without saying. Thank you for your hard work on making the Joker Helmet be of proper use for both genders. Thank you for the new research pictures too.
  • Audemus: thank you for creating the base for Project Phoenix Armor Texture based on Miranda's Alternate Appearance Pack. 
  • Mellin: thank you for allowing me to include the beautiful Mass Effect Andromeda ports you have made for Project Variety 3, as part of this mod.
  • Horography: thank you for having open permissions on your Mass Effect 3 mods. Your Tank Top models were a beautiful addition for this mod. Thank you for going ahead and sending me the raw assets of your new version for me to include. I hope you enjoy to see them here.
  • ELE08: thank you for having open permissions for using your fixed meshes on the CAT6 and Miranda's armors for Femshep. I hope you approve of the appropriate use they have been given here.
  • PoophairJones: thank you for having open permissions on your mods and thus allowing me to include a more realistic and close body option for males to that of Mass Effect 1.
  • Kani Hime: thank you for allowing free ports of your original mods to the Legendary Edition.
  • Lito Perezito: thank you for taking the time to give male Shepard's underwear model the accurate anatomy he deserves. Enough with censoring the hint of male genitalia existing and on the other hand, over sexualizing female models with even greater breasts.
  • Strife: thank you for providing all the interesting descriptions the mod now has for the stores. Your enthusiasm and willingness to write were greatly appreciated.
  • Beccatoria: thank you for proofreading all new included text strings, as well as for your feedback and rigorous testing (award to most bugs found?). Thank you for new store descriptions.
  • Mentlegen: thank you for all the testing, memes and laughs.
  • Gabe8: thanks for offering to do a beautiful banner for the mod page. I could not have come up with something as good looking as you did in that record time. Thank you for your feedback and support.
  • Herobrine24: German localization.
  • Zagarah: French localization.
  • Dravic1: Polish localization.
  • Krotz: Italian localization.
  • PoorSoldier: updated and corrected French localization.
  • Vice57: Russian localization.
  • Loadingue: French tutorial localization.
  • Gatzek: Polish tutorial localization.
  • AuRora: German tutorial localization.
  • TittyFish: Italian tutorial localization.
  • DeepK: Spanish tutorial localization.
  • Scottina123: special thanks to the man who patiently helped me through my first steps into modding within the Mass Effect world. Honestly, if it would not be for him, my mods would not exist. Thank you for keeping being an inspiration. Do not give up on your modding endeavors for you are a true artist.
  • Mgamerz and the ME3TweaksFork developers: thank you for actively working on the modding tools for the trilogy and fixing whatever bugs we encounter. Moreover, Mg, thank you for listening to me. You and I know. Thank you.

Other mods by me

  • Dr. Heart Experiments: this mod modifies the appearance of Dr. Heart Experiments from Thorian Creepers to an original and unused Zombie model and textures from within the game files. Gameplay wise, they remain unchanged, having the same abilities and damage thresholds.
  • More Hair for Femshep (ME1LE): brings to the Legendary Edition Sims 4 Hairs created by Anto and originally ported by Kittentails to the original Mass Effect 3. Players who want to use them will need to use the Trilogy Savegame Editor to change their Shepard's hair.
  • Liara Consistency Mod (ME1LE): makes Liara's facial appearance fully consistent within Mass Effect, by either choosing her Lair of the Shadow Broker look from Mass Effect 2, or her Mass Effect 3 appearance. It includes her romance body as well. No further changes are included in her.


  • Unofficial LE2 Patch: this mod is unofficial bugfix patch for Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition, by Team Pyjak.
  • TIM Floor Reflections BETA: this mod attempts to restore the original look of the Illusive Man's floor reflections on his office.
  • DLC Timings Mod (ME2LE): this mod delays most of the former DLC content of Mass Effect 2 through different methods.
  • Conrad Verner Remembers (ME2LE) BUG FIX: this mod solves the Conrad Verner bug in which the incorrect stage is set, and he always believes you pointed a gun at him on Mass Effect 1. Since a fix on Mass Effect 1 is not implemented yet, a special, in-universe mechanic has been introduced to fix the import before meeting Conrad.
  • Cerberus Ladies Wear Cerberus (ME2LE): this mod restores the correct uniforms to most of the female Cerberus crew members of the Normandy that Bioware never patched. It also includes the option to give Kelly her hair from the original Mass Effect 2.
  • Expanded Shepard Armory (ME2LE): this mod unlocks helmetless versions of the official DLC armors to players who wish to use them and see their Shepard's faces; as well as adds additional armors and casual outfits ported from Mass Effect 1, 3 and Andromeda.
  • Expanded Armor Colors (LE2): this mod simply ports the expanded selection of armor color tints from Mass Effect 3 to Mass Effect 2, offering a wider variety of colors for players to play with their Shepard looks.
  • Ronald Taylor's Fate Fix (ME2LE) BUG FIX: this mod properly records the choice done with Jacob's father on his loyalty mission. Although the bug is noticeable if you pay close attention to one specific line in Mass Effect 2; it is especially a noticeable BUG in Mass Effect 3. Fixing it in 2 will ensure both Shepard and Jacob remember what they chose.
  • Missing Codex Restored (ME2LE) BUGFIX: this mod restores the Codex entries for Thermal Clips, Grenade Launcher and Drell. The mod restores them at their appropriate place. They are fully voiced.
  • Citadel Asari Hands (BUGFIX) ME2LE: this mod fixes some asari having human hands on the Citadel, as well as some extra corrections to props placement around the levels. The mod for now does not include Thane's loyalty's mission as that a whole different level of mess.
  • Sheploo Appearance Consistency Project: this mod makes Sheploo consistent with Mass Effect 1 and 3 on 2. For some reason in 2 he has a painted ORANGE diffuse texture that does not properly tint with any outfit. This mod restores the tintable, unpainted textures from Mass Effect 1, which will make his skintone match with any outfit as well as restores the correct opacity of his eyelashes.
  • Overlord Morality Fix: in vanilla, Overlord DLC does not grant a single morality point through its entirety. With this mod, choosing the fate of David Archer on Overlord now grants 30 morality points. Paragon or Renegade depends on the appropriate option chosen.
  • Hammerhead Suicide Mission (BUGFIX): this bug fix ensures the Hammerhead shows on the cargo bay during the endgame if the player had previously acquired it.
  • No Saving-Loading Text Mod: this mod removes the unnecessarily long saving and loading messages from your user interface. There is also an option included to remove the spinning disk icon as well, for those who prefer an even clearer UI.
  • Oriana looks like Miranda's Twin (ME2LE): this small lore-friendly mod changes Oriana's face into Miranda's, so they actually look like twins. Mass Effect 2 version.
  • More Hair for Femshep (ME2LE): brings to the Legendary Edition Sims 4 Hairs created by Anto and originally ported by Kittentails to the original Mass Effect 3. Players who want to use them will need to use the Trilogy Savegame Editor to change their Shepard's hair.
  • Liara Consistency Mod: makes Liara's facial appearance fully consistent within Mass Effect 2, by either choosing her original basegame look from Mass Effect 1, her Lair of the Shadow Broker look, or her Mass Effect 3 appearance. No further changes are included in her.
  • Anderson & Hackett Consistency Mod: makes Admiral Steven Hackett and optionally Admiral David Anderson use their unique dress blues from Mass Effect 3. Additionally, you can use Anderson's face from Mass Effect either with his dress blues from Mass Effect 1 or those from 3. Additionally, Anderson's picture of Kaidan is replaced by that of Kahlee Sanders.
  • Refund Guy Consistency Mod: restores the appearance of the most annoying customer ever on the Citadel, which for some reason became a random cloned white dude from Zakera Wards on Mass Effect 2. Unfortunately, he will still be complaining about his refund and lack of purchase receipt.
  • Aria Consistency Mod: makes Aria consistent with her looks from the Omega DLC, both for her outfit as well as facial features, providing updated models and textures.
  • Reaper Husks Consistency Mod: updates all Collector and Reaper related husks and abominations to use their respective Mass Effect 3 models. Those from the planet Aequitas remain unchanged by default due to their origin being stated to be different in the game, related to an alien device, more akin to the husk depiction in Mass Effect 1. Alternatively, all game's husks can be replaced if desired.
  • Pilot In Location On Time. No more random Copilot in Arrival. Hear Joker instead: repurposes Joker's dialogue lines from Mass Effect 1 and 3 to make him be the Normandy crewman speaking on Arrival DLC instead of some random person we never see and who might not even exist.
  • Early-Ish: makes Ish and Sel be present on Omega from the beginning of the game; allowing for the quest Packages for Ish to now be available to be started on your first visit to Omega.
  • Apollo Spacesuit Restoration: restores the cut ambiance dialogue about Neil's Armstrong Spacesuit being on display at Donovan's Hock vault, during the quest Kasumi: Stealing Memory. Moreover, it adds an appropriate model to reflect the presence of such historical item.
  • Samara Cut Shadow Broker Dossiers Restored: restores 2 cut/lost/bugged/retconned dossiers about Samara from the Shadow Broker terminal.
  • Liara's Alternate LE3 Armor for LotSB (LE2): gives Liara her Alternate Appearance Pack armor from Mass Effect 3 for the combat stages of the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, by faithfully recreating her armor material with custom edited textures to match the armor looks from the third game. Moreover, her breather is also changed to her asari one from the third entry.
  • Kaidan and Ashley LE3 Armors for Horizon (MELE2): backports Kaidan's and Ashley's iconic armors from Mass Effect 3 into Mass Effect 2 for Horizon. Additionally, players can choose to have Ashley her updated facial look and hairstyle from Mass Effect 3 for Horizon as well.
  • Fate of Executor Pallin LE2: enables a normally inaccessible conversation in the game regarding the fate of Executor Pallin before it was retconned in Mass Effect 3 & Mass Effect: Inquisition.
  • Quarian Admiralty Board Consistency Mod (MELE2): makes the Quarian Admiralty Board (Shala'Raan, Daro'Xen, Zaal'Koris & Han'Gerrel) use their outfits from Mass Effect 3. Installation is modular, allowing to choose which Admirals to change.

  • Conrad No Apology: this mod makes Conrad Verner no longer apologizes for wrongly accusing you of pointing at gun at him. Meant to be used with conjunction of my Conrad Verner Remembers mod for Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.
  • Oriana looks like Miranda's Twin (ME3LE): this small lore-friendly mod changes Oriana's face into Miranda's, so they actually look like twins. Mass Effect 3 version.
  • More Hair for Femshep (ME3LE): brings to the Legendary Edition Sims 4 Hairs created by Anto and originally ported by Kittentails to the original Mass Effect 3. Players who want to use them will need to use the Trilogy Savegame Editor to change their Shepard's hair.
  • Unique Kahlee Sanders: this mod offers a new original and different head/face shape to the character of Kahlee Sanders, as well as a new hairstyle. Although her appearance in Mass Effect 3 is brief, she is a recurring main character in the original Mass Effect novels and I felt that her design by Bioware was sort of lazy.
  • Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett Restored: this mod restores Hackett's missing gold 4th bar from his uniform on his Legendary Edition appearance on Mass Effect 3. It also features an improved model and edited textures by Padme4000.


The following mod is provided as is. By downloading and installing it you acknowledge to use it at your own risk. Incompatibilities produced by installation on pirated and/or unsupported copies of the game will not be assisted. This mod only supports official builds released and distributed by EA.
You may use this mod as you wish for your own personal use, but I kindly ask you to credit me for my work if featured on your videos, screenshots, art, etc. If you wish to build on patches and/or compatibility, please contact me.
Please, do not re-host this file without my explicit permission. This is a Nexus Mods exclusive file.