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Adds a selection of modified armors for femshep to use in LE2.

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This DLC mod adds a selection of modified armors for femshep in LE2.

Update 3.0: Mod is partially compatible with Expanded Shepard Armory. Armors added by this update are not in the framework.

The mod includes:

  • Modified Cerberus Spirit Armor, with three texture sets; Cerberus, N7, and Spectre. 
  • Modified Cerberus Ajax Armor, with the vanilla textures, a black retexture, and Kaidan's Spectre textures 
  • Modified MaleShep's Cerberus Spirit Armor for Femshep, with Cerberus, N7 and Spectre textures
  • Modified Miranda's AAP Armor, with Cerberus, N7 and Spectre textures 
  • Kaidan's Armor for femshep, with his original blue textures and a black retexture 
  • Modified version of Ashley's Suit from LE3, with my Miranda's suit retextures - Also as a casual outfit option 
  • Jack's breather as a helmet option for femshep. I've included a regular version with red lights, and a tintable version with orange lights.
  • Miranda's Visor as headgear for femshep. I've included both her original version, and a tintable version with orange lights.

Update 3.0 adds the following gear to the mod (not in ESA yet):

  • Vasir's Spectre Armor with both her vanilla textures and two tintable versions with different (tintable) logos + three tintable helmets for this armor
  • Modified version of Ashley's armor, with spectre and N7 textures + matching helmets
  • N7 version of the Ajax armor (no helmet at this time)
  • Larger variants of the Ajax, Slayer, Vasir's and Miranda's armors, as well as Ashley's suit. These are optional and will replace the default models if chosen from the installer.

With ESA installed along with this mod; 

  • N7 gear can be bought from Rodam Expeditions on the Citadel
  • All Cerberus gear is unlocked via the research terminal on the Normandy 
  • Jack's breather can be bought from the Omega Market (this option unlocks both breathers)
  • and Spectre gear is unlocked should you prove yourself to be worthy of that title again :D
  • Additionally femshep will be using my version of the Cerberus Ajax Armor in the prologue, instead of the vanilla model from ESA


Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Drag and drop the zip file to the manager and install (or import, then apply mod).

The proper install order when using this mod in combination with Expanded Shepard Armory;

  • Install ESA first and choose the compatibility patch from ESA's installer
  • Install this mod afterwards, since the patch in my mod is auto applied.


in Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target" for LE2 and disable or delete the mod. 


  • No known incompatibilities, but take care to install ESA and this mod in the correct order for the necessary patches.

Known Issues

  • Without ESA this mod adds several unusable chest pieces for maleshep. If you're not planning to use ESA I recommend disabling or deleting this mod when playing maleshep.
  • The straps of Jack's breather wont align perfectly with Default Femshep's head because her headshape is different from custom Shepard's, though it shouldn't be an issue unless she's bald. This doesn't include the Customizable Default Femshep Headmorph mod which uses the custom femshep head as the base so the straps should fit her head. 
  • Tintable gear doesn't have camo patterns.
  • The larger versions can look awkwardly big on femshep; if you're not sure if it'll look ok choose the smaller versions. I originally made them for my own shep who was much larger than vanilla femshep and while these are still smaller than those versions I didn't test them using custom femsheps (only default and replacers).

Future Plans

  • Possible update for full ESA compatibility
  • Take better mod pictures perhaps

Special Thanks

Marcus22Khaar for the ESA framework and the huge amount of work he did to integrate my armors to his mod. Thank you again.

Other mods used in my screenshots (not mine):

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+ a modified reshade in the more recent images