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DLC Timings Mod delays most of the former DLC content of Mass Effect 2 through different methods.

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DLC Timings Mod delays most of the former DLC content of Mass Effect 2 through different methods.

  • Normandy Crash Site DLC no longer unlocks immediately after getting the Normandy, but after playing one main mission, helping with the flow of the story and to allow Shepard to be seen and recognized which allows Hackett to contact the player.
  • Lair of the Shadow Broker doesn't automatically unlock after Horizon; but only after you have met Liara and helped her through her quests on Illium first, which are a build up for the DLC. Once you are done, the email will be delivered and upon reading it, the option to start the DLC will unlock with her.
  • Overlord can optionally be delayed to be triggered after Horizon. It REQUIRES acquiring the Hammerhead beforehand, which means playing through the first Firewalker quest (Rosalie Lost). This can be done before Horizon, but the trigger for Overlord won't happen after that. NEW 1.1: Additionally, there is a new option that JUST REQUIRES acquiring the Hammerhead for the DLC to trigger.
  • Arrival can optionally be delayed at different times. Options include triggering the message from Hackett after finishing the Collector Ship, the Derelict Reaper or, as a bridge to Mass Effect 3 which triggers after BOTH the Suicide Mission and Lair of the Shadow Broker are dealt with. If using Trigger Buttons only the vanilla option will be available to be chosen, so make sure to install that mod first. Else, neither mod will work as intended.


This mod REQUIRES to be installed with the latest ME3Tweaks Mod Manager version by Mgamerz. 8.0+ is REQUIRED. Make sure you let it update to the latest build after installation, in order to make sure the mod can be correctly installed. It is recommended to install over a vanilla NON textured game.

The mod is in DLC form, so its installation is as simple as drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager and let it work its magic. A prompt will show indicating if you want to delay Overlord and Arrival, showing its different options. Only option can be chosen per DLC and it MUST be done before you visit the Normandy for the first time. The mod cannot retroactively remove quests from your journal which you might have acquired already.


Use the Mod Manager to remove the mod. Savegames aren't dependent of it, so it can be safely removed and/or added at any point during your game. However, DLCs that were delayed will be immediately unlocked and reinstallation will not make them disappear unless loading a previous save.

Known Issues

None. If you find anything, please attach a mod manager diagnostic as show on the pinned comment, as well as the most detailed description you can of your problem.


08/22/2022 - Mod rebuilt on Unofficial Patch 0.9.2 files to ensure future proofing. Requires Mod Manager 8.0.
03/13/22 - Ensures mod compatibility with Mod Manager 8.0
12/30/21 - Hopefully finally fixes all Alchera/Normandy Crash Site issues. Apologies to all those affected.
12/16/21 - Fixes the possibility of landing on Alchera before scanning the Anomaly, thus not leaving a persistent note on the galaxy map if landed before scanning the planet.
10/03/21 - Makes the mod forward compatible with the Unofficial LE2 Patch (to be released).
09/04/21 - Fixed all issues with Normandy Crash Site not showing as intended when it should on the Galaxy map.
07/10/21 - Built-in compatibility for Early Recruitment Mod and new Overlord Trigger Option
07/02/21 - Initial Release


You may contact me through the Nexus Forums.

Credits & Acknowledgements

  • beccatoria, ThaliaGraces, Ellia/Anshela: thank you for your invaluable testing in making sure this works in all possible combinations in record time. What a rush. Special thanks to becca for handling the Liara dialogue gating for LotSB and for figuring out the problem with the Amada system playing hide and seek.
  • Gabe8: special thanks for offering to do a beautiful banner for the mod page. 

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The mod is provided as is. By downloading and installing it you decide to use it at your own risk. Incompatibilities produced by installation on pirated copies of the game will not be assisted.
You may use this mod as you wish but I kindly ask you to credit me for my work.
Please, do not re-host this file without my explicit permission.