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A project designed to diversify LE1 through increased population count, better species' population balancing, outfit/appearance diversification and overall breathing more life into the world. This project is currently in ALPHA and is only partially complete.

Permissions and credits
LE1 Diversification Project is an initiative designed to bring the NPCs and hub design forward to create a greater sense of asset and population diversity that was not possible in the original release of ME1 due to memory limitations. The focus of the mod is to make the world feel more vibrant and alive through:

  • Seamlessly integrating Female Turians into the entire game, from the Citadel to Noveria to Pinnacle Station and Uncharted Worlds. (As of Alpha, fully implemented)
  • Increasing asset diversity and "un-cutting" the corners that BioWare took to save on memory, such as not having just one outfit per non-human species in any single area, instead adding a much greater variety of outfit meshes/tints, faces/hairs, and weapon models. (As of Alpha, barely implemented)
  • Rebalancing hub populations to create a more realistic and fair balancing of species and better equality of genders across the game. For example, vastly increasing the female presence within C-Sec, better racial diversity among humans, better representation for same-sex and interspecies relationships. and increasing the population of minor species such as Hanar/Elcor/Volus. (As of Alpha, partially implemented)
  • Breathing more life into the world through increasing the number of NPCs in the game and populating areas that are effectively empty in vanilla (such as Dr. Michel's clinic with 0 patients, or Opold's empty shop on Noveria). (As of Alpha, not yet implemented)
  • Other various miscellaneous improvements such as content restoration, in-world beautification passes (such as adding more ambient decorative objects such as furniture, vehicles, paintings, etc), and perhaps more... (As of Alpha, barely implemented)

While the mod is currently in Alpha, it is fully functional and not buggy at all (just very far from complete). I am also more than happy to listen to ideas and suggestions. This mod will be a long-term development project that will receive infrequent, but extremely large updates until it effectively becomes a Lite Project Variety-esque mod for LE1.

Compatibility patches are included for:
This mod was built on top of files from the LE1 Community Patch and is therefore fully compatible. Thanks HenBagle!

This mod currently has compatibility issues with the following mods. Nothing will break if both mods are installed, however you will likely see a number of LE1 DP's changes not appear.


Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.

Technical Info for Modders

Main Developer - Audemus
Female Turian Outfit Meshes (CTHa, CTHc, MEDa, Helmet) - Mistyvail

Female Turian Dancer Mesh/Textures - Mellin
Original Female Turian Base Body Model created by Ghost0fOnyx / PalavenMoons on Smutbase. WARNING: LINK IS NSFW

Special Thanks
Mistyvail for our original conversations and collaboration that led to the inception of this project. We both agreed that porting outfits from Andromeda simply doesn't work very well, as the aesthetic and texture work doesn't blend seamlessly with OT/LE assets. Her subsequent work reshaping Turian outfit/armour meshes has resulted in (in my opinion) the best realization of seamlessly integrated Female Turian NPCs so far, and was the inception of the Diversification Project Asset Library.

Mgamerz, 55tumbl, Kinkojiro, and Mistyvail for kindly allowing for compatibility patches with their mods.

Sil for his support/guidance throughout the development of this mod.