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Backports the Mass Effect 3 Cerberus/Alliance fatigues and armour/officer uniforms to Cerberus/Alliance personnel throughout LE2, as well as adds 5 new casual outfits for Shepard.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes the uniforms of all Cerberus personnel on the Normandy, Lazarus Station, the Derelict Reaper, and Project Overlord to the versions worn in Mass Effect 3. It also backports the ME3 dress uniforms for Anderson (if he is not a Councillor) and Hackett, as well as the Alliance soldiers on the Citadel. Doing so brings consistency and gives a better distinction between the Alliance/Cerberus, C-Sec, and civilians.

The mod also contains 5 casual outfits for Shepard. These are the Cerberus/Alliance fatigues, Cerberus/Alliance dress uniform, and the ME3 intro outfit.

Note: I have not included changes to the Normandy SR1 crew in the prologue. This is because most of what you see in the prologue is unfortunately pre-rendered and so changing their uniforms would create a big inconsistency within those cutscenes.

For LE1, use Alliance Uniform Consistency by Mistyvail

If you are using Expanded Shepard Armory, you MUST install Anderson & Hackett Consistency Mod. This is because ESA uses the same files to ensure an item is unlocked after meeting with the Council, as well as a fix for Shepard appearing in their underwear when meeting Hackett. That mod is built with ESA compatibility and will safely mount over this mod, ensuring no compatibility issues.

Casual Outfits for Miranda and Jacob on the Normandy (Officer Uniform for Miranda and Fatigues for Jacob) are available if you are using
Casual Hubs for LE2. Miranda's outfit is available as an option for the prologue regardless.

This mod is incompatible with LE2 Alternative Bodies

This mod is compatible with LE2 Liara Squadmate as long as you use that mod's auto_patcher utility.


Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.

Technical Info for Modders
Mounts: 8535
+ 8536 (CUC & AUC respectively)
TLK Range: 215483235 - 215483243

Plot Data - AUC
Plot Data - CUC

Main Developer - Audemus
Cerberus Corpse StaticMesh Textures - Mellin

Jacob Romance Mesh for Casual Hubs Option - repugnantpear
Testing - OneNight

This mod contains fixes from the Unofficial LE2 Patch and is therefore fully compatible. Thank you to the LE2 patch team for their hard work!

Special Thanks
Mistyvail for providing me with the unreleased version of AUC for LE2, which was integrated into this mod.
horography for the free assets from Buff Female Shepard body. No more noodle arms!
beccatoria for the open patch permissions for Hammerhead Sound Fix. One of the files that contain that fix is part of CAUC.
Lunk for allowing me to include a compatibility patch for GIDUM.
rondeeno for allowing me to include a patch for Casual Hubs.
Marcus22Khaar for kindly creating and providing a compatibility patch for his Reaper Husks Consistency Mod.