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Mesh edits to a number of Femshep (and some crew) outfits.

Permissions and credits
Femshep's vanilla casuals and romance body have been edited to include buffer arms, flatter stomach, less bulky feet. Science outfit is consistent with my LE1/LE3 versions, default casuals and romance body have been ported from LE1 version of Alt. Bodies, and N7 dress uses same mesh as it's LE3 Alt. Bodies counterpart.

Default casuals apply to all female characters, science outfit applies to Shepard and Chakwas only - all other outfits apply only to Shepard.

To Install

Install through ME3Tweaks Mod Manager: drag & drop the .zip file into ME3Tweaks then click import --> apply.

To Uninstall

Go to Manage Target and Delete or Disable "LE2 Alternative Bodies."

- Incompatible with any mod that edits default Femshep's hair or head mesh

I cannot make patches for the following mods as they mount higher than mine:
- Genesis Intro Dialogue Undo Mod
- Compatibility patch may be made in the future (and the original creator has my permission to patch if they wish to)

Patches are available for:
- Cerberus Ladies Wear Cerberus
- Garrus with No Visor patch available on Padme4000's mod page (as of version 1.4)

Known Issues

None that I am aware of, but not all meshes & patches have been extensively tested. Please report any problems you encounter and I will look into it ASAP.

Special Thanks
Marcus22Khaar for granting me permission to patch with his Cerberus Ladies Wear Cerberus mod

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